Mag-Tank2000 by Revelate Design

by Paul Findley, 303cycling Ambassador


I’ve recently been infected, infected by the gravel riding craze.

Thankfully it’s right before Christmas, so for once I seem to have a list of things I suddenly “need”. Now that I have the bike, it’s time to accessorize, and first on the list is storage capacity. I understand that I’m going to need some calories for those long rides in my not too distant future.

I was immediately drawn to Revelate Designs. So far, I’ve discovered it’s an Alaskan company with manufacturing in the US and they seem quite innovative, one look at the design and function of their easy to open/easy to close magnetic clasp and you will become a believer.

My first purchase was their 1.0 Liter Mag-Tank Bolt On, which quickly gobbled up a tube and my tools so I could hit the road. I was drawn to this product due to the lean size and the ability to bolt on to the top tube.

When I got a hold of the newly released Mag-Tank 2000, I was a bit skeptical due to the comparatively enormous size. This product differs from the bolt on in a few ways (other than capacity). The strap around the headset has a clip versus Velcro, which seems a bit more positive than Velcro. The rubberized material on the top tube strap put my mind at ease that movement might immediately attack my paint job. This thing stays put!

Neither my wife, nor I had any problems with our knees hitting the pack (I am 6’2” and she is 5’4”), however on the smaller frame sizes you might get a surprise when you try to stand over the top tube! This would be common to any similar top tube packs that consume space between the headset and the seat post.

As for storage capacity, the Mag-Tank 2000 is a winner at 85 cubic inches or nearly 1.4 liters. On their website, they state, “Named after it’s calorie holding capacity, the Mag-Tank 2000…”. Well I was able to easy fit 12 of these in there for a whopping 3000 calories, but I have to admit, “Mag-Tank 2000” does sound better.

(Revelate Designs provided the Mag-Tank 2000 for this review)


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