Long Standing Boulder Cycling Accessory Mfg, Mirrycle Seeks Operations Manager

Mirrycle Operations Manager

Mirrycle Corporation is seeking an experienced individual with knowledge and enthusiasm for the bicycle industry to manage production, inventory management, B to B relationships, and interdepartmental communication.
Successful candidates will be self-motivated, organized, and passionate about efficiently producing products for the bicycle marketplace. In addition, the successful candidate will be interested in growing this division with customer contact and service. A take-charge person is a must for this position. The ability to work with a diverse workforce is critical to effectively managing production. In addition, curiosity, persistence, and passion are important to achieving results.

Duties include but are not limited to:

• Communicate via phone or email with distributors/customers about orders and needs
• Upsell to distributors when possible
• Communicate with vendors about needs, delivery, and pricing
• Work closely with the accounting department for accounts payable and accounts receivable.
• Work closely with COO and founder regarding policy, pricing, and delivery.

Business administration
• Create purchase orders
• Physically receive orders 
• Coordinate receipt and payments in the system with the accounting department
• Create manufacturing orders for assembly
• Oversight of accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Inventory management
• Organize and track inventory in several locations
• Conduct inventory audits as needed
• Forklift, and order picker use and safety certification

Manufacturing oversight
• Understand assembly machines and processes
• Develop efficient assembly processes
• Train new employees
• Oversees assembly and packing of product

Business development
• Seek opportunities to expand product reach
• Update website
• Place editorial content and/or work with influencers
• Look for new distribution channels
• Develop in conjunction with owner and industrial designer the creation and/or acquisition of new products
• Participate in the biking community through community events, rides, and informal conversations.

Interdepartmental communication
• Works closely with COO
• Works closely with shipping department and shipping manager
• Assists shipping department as needed.
• Member of the executive committee, participate in our EOS process within the Mirrycle environment.

Send inquiries to: barrys@mirrycle.com and copy michaely@schachtspindle.com

Pay range is: $55,000 to $70,000

Mirrycle Corporation is a 40+ year old manufacturer and distributor of bicycle accessories to wholesale distributors. The two main product lines are Mirrycle rearview mirrors and Incredibell bicycle bells. Mirrycle manufactures all Mirrycle Mirrors and assembles/packages all Incredibell bells. The primary responsibilities of this position are to coordinate production, track inventory, create purchase orders, oversee production and processes, supervise employees in this division, and communicate with vendors and customers.

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