LADIES: Dive in for Women’s Mountain Bike Day!

by Lauren Costantini, Sacred Rides Boulder



IMBA (mountain biking’s biggest public advocacy group) has officially named the first Saturday of every May as International Women’s Mountain Bike Day!

photo: IMBA

The aims of an official ‘holiday for women who shred’ are to make women riders more visible, generate ideas for improving women’s engagement in the sport, and create a welcoming environment for enthusiasm and fun.

Although there are many women making a difference in mountain biking where they live, there are still far fewer of them engaged. Leadership teams at local mountain bike organizations and trail groups are overwhelmingly male-only.

How can we CHANGE this?

When women get activated and involved with something they’re passionate about, they do amazing things. We’ve included a list of ways to MAKE CHANGE below, but simply showing your non-cycling girlfriends the ropes of mountain biking, or getting out and adding one more woman to the trails are perfect ways to celebrate #WomensMTBday.

 Women’s Mountain Bike Day came out of the 2018 IMBA UPRISING event (which I attended) – the first-ever women’s mountain bike conference. Nearly 150 women descended on the bicycle-loving town of Bentonville, Arkansas to talk trails, communities and being a champion for both.

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About Lauren Costantini:

As a former Pro mountain bike and cyclocross racer, I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and love of the Majestic Rocky Mountains and incredible trails around Boulder, Colorado! I love riding 2 wheels of any style: cross country, downhill, all-mountain, fat biking, touring, or commuting to the coffee shop.

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