Khem and Josh, A 303 Endurance Story, Dare We Say Fairytale…

The ColoRADo crowd

Bangkok–The 303 Team expanded this weekend during a beautiful wedding ceremony. Khem Suthiwan and Joshua Hughes were married here in Bangkok in a day long, traditional Thai wedding that was, in its own way an endurance event; especially for Josh who had to endure a Thai tradition of passing through many “gates” manned by Khem’s “family” who asked Josh to perform all sorts of things to prove his intent to marry Khem. He did push ups, the limbo, paid money, sang songs, told jokes all while quickly dehydrating under the hot Thailand sun in sweltering humidity. But like any one after the ultimate prize–he made it!

Triathlon friends Meg McWilliam, Gaye Beckman grilling Josh.

Many of you are familiar with Khem on the triathlon course, racing, raising money through her love of the sport, or maybe you have cheered her on at bike races on her beloved Palmares team. 

Lindsey McGee (Without Limits) blessing the happy couple

We at 303 pretty much closed up shop and moved to Thailand for the week along with some our good from friends from Colorado taking time to celebrate this occasion. This is more than a vacation for us. In the scheme of life, in business, it’s important we recognize the people who make it happen for all of us to better enjoy what we love. Khem’s undying love of endurance sports and her undying love of Josh merging together warrants special attention. 

“Just Married Newtons” maybe they are on to something?
Khem’s special made Newtons–she is an ambassador after all

Khem is all about trying and not being afraid to fail. But she is also about being prepared and doing what is necessary to succeed. She never takes shortcuts in life, business or in her sports as an athlete or coach. She said at her wedding that she wasn’t sure this day would ever happen, but in true endurance form, she played the long game, stayed true to herself and knowing who she is she pushed through and her and Josh found each other. 

Many athletes from all over traveled to witness their wedding and even if you don’t know Khem, you know her work covering things like the IRONMAN World Championships, Colorado Classic, just about every Cyclocross and crit race. In a testament of those that traveled to Bangkok we had employees, volunteers and fellow fund raisers from Without LImits, IRONMAN and a guest video appearance from Damon Brandt of Palmares and Pete Alfino of Mile High Multisport (she is MHM coach). 

Khem touches most every part of the Endurance community, even borrow racing a few times. 

We at 303Endurance offer our deepest and most sincere congratulations! Well done!

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