Ironman Boulder: Update on Shuttles to the Swim start

dave christen_0I am going to post some important info over the next few days and will start with shuttles.
On race morning, every athlete (no matter where you are staying in town or live in town) must go to the Boulder High School and board a shuttle to access the swim start.

At the high school you will drop your special needs bags on 13th St and Arapahoe and board the buses in front of the HS. (Keep in mind you will not get your special needs bags back after the race so don’t put anything of value in them. You will only be able to access them during the race and then we discard them) Do not bring your special needs bags to the swim start. There is no means by which they will get out on the courses from there.
There will not be any vehicles, bikes, or pedestrians allowed to enter the Reservoir by any other means than by bus. This is due to half a dozen reasons why , but the largest of those reasons being safety and efficient transportation for an on time swim start. Trust me on this one, I would have loved to avoid shuttles but it’s not possible.
Do not attempt to park near by and walk in. Do not attempt to be dropped off near the reservoir and walk in. You will be turned around by County Sheriff and may be late to the swim start. This includes Coot lake. Again, this goes for locals who live here as well.
The shuttles are free to everyone and we have close to 60 school buses. Athletes can travel with their family and friends from the Boulder High School and back from4 am to 10:00 am.
For those needing extra assistance we will have 4 ADA buses running continuously during that same time frame. If you can avoid it don’t bring strollers. But if you must use the ADA buses.
We have enough buses to move 10,000 people in 2 hours so everyone should make it in time to the swim. Athletes need to plan their morning well and get to the reservoir by getting on the buses early. Don’t disrupt your race with poor planning.
Next subject, split transitions and gear bags and how those work. Maybe a video on that?

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