Holiday Gift Guide: OTTOLock

by Khem Suthiwan

Cable locks, U-locks, chains. So many ways to lock up a bike and thieves always manage to figure out how to get through them…until now.

Weighing in at 120g, the OTTOLock is an amazing lightweight and strong lock to compliment your current “bike security system.” Their patent-pending multi-layered steel and Kevlar® band design will keep your ride secured and safe from potential bike thieves. It is cut-resistant, even from bolt cutters!


Setting up the combination was super easy, no problem with fitting in your jersey pocket or saddle bag, and available in three different sizes (18”, 30”, and 60”) for various uses outside of bike security (think kayaks, coolers, and anything else you want to lock up!).


The OTTOLock is definitely worth the investment, giving you peace of mind that your ride doesn’t end up in someone else’s hands.

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