Higher Calling w Max Leonard

Why are cyclists so drawn to climbing mountains? HIGHER CALLING – CYCLINGS OBSESSION WITH THE MOUNTAINS by MAX LEONARD. It was one of those books I didn’t see coming. We have a great interview with London native, cyclist and author Max Leonard.

Thanks to last week’s guest, Professional Triathlete Organization Co-President Timothy O’Donnell for taking us through the PTO pro bonus payout and the increase in its Year-End Annual Bonus Program from $2,000,000 to $2,500,000 and paying it all immediately based on the PTO World Rankings. 

Also in today’s show:

  • The new 303 Endurance logo
  • What’s new in the 303 article discussion the interview with race director Lance Panigutti of Without Limits Productions
  • News out of the UK with endurance athletes taking it to extremes
  • Video of the week

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Interview with Max Leonard:

I’m just going to warn our listeners that you are going to have a serious case of frustration after listening to this interview. Unless you are listening to this and you live in the Alps, your COVID “stay at home order” and travel restrictions are going to put off your next vacation for a while. Let’s get into the interview.

Post Interview Discussion:

  • Bill, you know what we should do? We honestly should figure out a way to get the 303 version of European Vacation. We do multiple posts each day with interviews, pictures, video, bunkers, good coffee, everything!! We could find someone to sponsor it. Lower lodging expense than Kona.
  • The YouTube video that Max reference in the 1987 Tour de France – La Plagne Stage with Pedro Delgado and Stephen Roche
  • Max Leonard on Instagram and Twitter @m_xl

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About our new logo and podcast mission:

The 303 logo, its design and it’s meaning. Described by Bill. I made this up.

The 303 chain ring: The bike chain ring is unique to the bicycle and a component of the original 303 Cycling logo, representing the legacy of the 303 Endurance Network’s history. It surrounds the globe and triangles and it’s circular image represents a continuing journey that has no beginning or ending.

What we are taking from the former MHE logo: The mountains at the center of the logo is one triangle comprised of 3 smaller triangles in dark orange on the bottom, light orange in the middle and white (snow cap) at the top. From Denver, the view of the front range at sunset reveals a layering of the ranges with the closest foothills appearing dark orange at sunset. The farther lower range of mountains appearing lighter orange. Even further in the distance are the tallest mountains covered in snow. Whether you navigate through the mountain ranges, each mountain is it’s own challenge to climb and represents a part of the journey.

The sports: The triangle shape itself is comprised of three sides and symbolic of three dimensions, in the case of endurance sport that lined up nicely with the three sports of triathlon. The composite image is single triangle made up of three smaller triangles, each representing individual sports of endurance. While many of us are multisport endurance athletes, there are also many of us that also single sport endurance athletes, such as pure runners or cyclists. Each triangle standing on its own merits of its individual sport of swimming, cycling or running.

The globe: While the name Mile High represents (like a thousand other companies in Colorado) the “mile high city” of Denver, it also suggests that it’s a regional podcast. In some ways it is because we are influenced by local community. We care about them and they about us. Ans sure we have a high concentration of endurance athletes (pro and amateur) here in Colorado, there are high concentrations in locations all over the world. We intend to leverage the resources and stories that we have here in our backyard and share content that is informational, interesting and relevant no matter where you are on the planet. The globe represents that endurance athletes have a connection with each other and are a community. We intend to give you content that would appeal to endurance athletes all over the planet and grow our community together.

The mission: Our mission is to create a global community of endurance athletes. To inspire participation in endurance sports by connecting you to coaches, experts and professional athletes.


Endurance News:

A British man ran a marathon in his 20-foot backyard during the coronavirus lockdown — and thousands tuned in

April 2, 2020 at 4:17 a.m. MDT

James Campbell jogged to the end of his fenced-in yard, turning around when he reached the garden shed. He bounded back to the patio, sneakers pounding a postage stamp-sized patch of grass. He spun around and repeated the loop again. And again. And again.

More than five hours later, he had run a full marathon in his 20-foot backyard.

Campbell, a former world-class competitive javelin thrower from Cheltenham, England, had been feeling bored and restless while under lockdown due to the novel coronavirus. His Wednesday stunt was “literally the most stupid thing I could think of to do” on his 32nd birthday, he told the BBC. But thousands of people tuned in to watch him run around in circles, and by early Thursday morning, he had raised the equivalent of just over $32,000 for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service.


What’s New in the 303:

Lance Panigutti “We Will Need Events to Heal, But For Now Take Time to Connect in Ways We Never Have”

Lance Panigutti, owner of Without Limits Productions, the producer of cycling, triathlon and cyclocross races talked about how his company is handling canceling and postponing races and how he sees the future. He talks about the short term challenges, but also talks about many positives that may emerge and looks at this as an opportunity to adjust and refine his business. He talks about his new implementations based around sustainability and giving back. He put initiatives in place long before the virus outbreak to change the carbon footprint of racing and to give back locally and globally in new ways. Find out a lot more about Lance and Without Limits!


Video of the Week:

Colorado State of Affairs and effect on race events and life


Upcoming Interviews:

Matt Fitzgerald is an endurance sports writer, nutritionist, and author of more than 20 books. His latest is RUNNING THE DREAM, his story of training and racing with the NAE North Arizona Elite team coached by Matt Llano in preparation for the Chicago Marathon.

Sue Reynolds weighed 335 pounds and couldn’t walk a block. Now, she’s a 135-pound triathlete who competes at world championships. In The Athlete Inside (April 28), Reynolds takes readers through her transformational journey from her first walk to finishing sixth at the World Triathlon Championship. Read how Reynolds discovered the joy of conquering fear, shame and pride to find the best version of herself.

“Sue Reynolds shows how sport changed her life by telling a story familiar to me–one of discovering untapped talents, finding a trusted team and using focus and discipline to achieve goals.”

–Gwen Jorgensen, 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, Triathlon

“Sue Reynolds changed her perception of herself, and this book will help you do the same. Her message is simple: If this 335-pound grandmother can change her life for the better, so can you!”

–Bob Babbitt, Hall of Fame Inductee, USA Triathlon and Ironman Triathlon; Co-founder, Competitor magazine and Challenged Athletes Foundation 

The Athlete Inside is a powerful reminder that each of us is capable of athletic achievement. Sue’s example inspires both courage and vulnerability, two necessary ingredients for anyone thinking about taking that first step to fulfillment.”–Joe Maloy, USA Olympian 



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