Gravel, Heating up in Trinidad, PX 160 Doubled Riders from Last Year

By Phil Schweizer

Thanks to all riders who rode with us at Pony Xpress Gravel 160! It was a great day, and we saw some fast times. Congrats Whiteny Allison, Lauren DeCrescen, Flavia Oliveira, and Jessica Cygan who all broke the women’s course record! Congratulations are also due to Cory Lockwood, Jim Snitzer, Nick Gould, James Osborne, Mark Currie, Zack Allison, and David Griffen who all broke the men’s course record! Jonathan Cavner deserves an honorable mention for setting last year’s course record at 5:11 and almost beating it this year once again.

We had amazing growth and are happy to announce that we doubled the number of entries from last year. We also saw more participants in the160 KM distance than ever before, and a record number of female riders. In addition, riders came from seven different states to race with us. Thank you gravel grinding community for making all of this possible!  

We would like to thank all the Pro athletes that came to Trinidad and competed. Nearly twenty active Pro riders attended, setting another event record. 

Thanks again to Las Animas Grill for donating lunch for our riders. Because of this generous donation as well as the contributions of racers, we raised $275 for the Cokedale Volunteer Fire Department. Thank you!

If you haven’t already seen the race results, check out Racing Underground. In addition, photos have been posted on the PX 160 website. All photos are free, so please download and share! Photography was provided by Mike Tranter Photography.

Finally, we hope to host Encierro Velo and Pony Xpress Gravel 160 next year. Check back for more information on next year’s events. Dates may change, and there is a possibility of adding another event to turn PX 160 into a cycling weekend.   

Thanks amazing gravel grinding community.

Editors note: Interested to race gravel in Trinidad? Check out the Far Quarter Gravel Ride June 5th: or later this year the Rad Dirt Fest on October 2/3:

And mentioned in this article, pro’s Whitney and Zack Allison, put on their own gravel ride near Ft Collins on July 25 the FOCO Fondo:

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  1. Troy Reynolds

    SWEET!!! I may need to race gravel someday soon. Thanks for the Great read??


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