Get to Know our 2018 Team Colorado Kona Athletes

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My best friend who I coached qualified for Kona via the Legacy Program. Sadly, he passed suddenly on April 19 and I am racing in his honor. The full story can be found on the D3 Multisport website.
*What kind of bike do you ride? Bike – Alchemy – This is Joe’s bike. He was 6’3″ and I’m 5’10” Thankfully the guys at Colorado Multisport were able to fit me to the bike well enough.
*Where did you qualify for the Ironman World Championships? Qualified via invitation from IM
*How many Ironman races have you done?
*How many times have you raced Kona? I’ve raced Kona 3 times – 04, 05, 06.
*What is your favorite non-race activity on the Big Island – if you have not been – what non-race activity are you most excited about? Snorkeling with the turtles, coffee tours, cliff jumping.
*What is your favorite bike training route? Heading south towards Captain Cook.
*What is your favorite post workout/post race treat? Giant burger
*What was one unexpected occurrence on your path to Kona? This whole experience this year was unexpected. I found in June that I would be racing.
*Who do you think will win the pro men’s and women’s races this year? Winners: Frodeno and Ryf. Lionel Sanders with Frodeno out.
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1. What kind of bike do you ride? Cervelo P2
2. Where did you qualify for IM World Champs? IM Boulder
3. How many IM races have you done? 2 full Ironman (2013 Coeur d’Alene in 13:10; 2018 Boulder in 10:23) 2 IM 70.3 (2018 Florida in April and Steelhead in August)…. and Harvest Moon in 2011 or so
I focused on the marathon for the past few years, trying to qualify for the Trials. Came kinda close 2:48 in 2015, but kept getting hurt during subsequent tries, so finally last winter I decided to put that on hold and do a 70.3, then IM… and now I’m hooked 😉 Anyway that’s why I don’t have a ton of IM race experience.
4. How many times have you raced Kona? ZERO. When I did my first Ironman in 2013 I don’t even know if I knew what Kona was, except it was for fast people and I didn’t need to worry about qualifying.
5. What is your favorite non-race activity on the Big Island? I haven’t raced Kona before, but my now husband (then boyfriend!) qualified 2 years ago so I’ve been there during IM week. We are both pumped about the plentiful availability of yummy açaí bowls and shave ice. We just got married in July (a month after we both did IM Boulder) and one of us had to qualify to get us to a honeymoon in Hawaii. Glad I pulled through ; ) We are staying the week after for a little R&R to enjoy the Big Island! Maybe a few little hikes and beach/water activities, but mostly just relaxing sounds amazing (I say that now…. when I get there might be a different story haha!)
6. What is your favorite bike training route? I didn’t ride a bike for almost 5 years, so when I decided to get back into triathlon in December, I got a new bike (much much better than my old road bike!). I only had a few months of riding outside before IM Boulder, since it wasn’t warm enough to ride until about March/April… so I only rode the course. Might as well learn every crack and turn and climb since it’s in my backyard. Over and over and over again. Now I’ve ventured off of the IM course and LOVE LOVE LOVE doing repeats up Lefthand Canyon. The best is to see how fast I can get from Greenbriar to the split to Ward.
7. Favorite post workout/race treat? Fro-yo, only after a race. Sometimes I have some gummy bears or other gummy snacks as a treat on Sundays, but this close to race day it’s time to focus and keep it clean. But I can’t WAIT for some fro-yo after the race!!
8. One unexpected occurrence on your path to Kona? Hmmm I don’t know, I guess getting interviewed for a podcast! Kona Kamps. That was cool. Otherwise I can’t say anything has been terribly unexpected.
9. Who will win pro races? Who I am rooting for: Rinny and Tim, of course!!!! Who will probably win: Daniela and Lionel. Lucy will be in the mix too, for sure.

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