Dockless scooters could be banished to bike lanes in Denver

by Krystyna Biassou

DENVER — A proposed bill could quash the confusion surrounding where people are allowed, encouraged and legally required to ride those dockless scooters that seemingly overtook Denver this summer.

Current local and state law classify dockless scooters as “toy vehicles,” requiring riders to only operate them on sidewalks.

Under the bill expected to be proposed to Denver City Council early next month, dockless scooters will be classified as “Electric Mobility Scooters,” subjecting them to a different set of rules.

The primary change would banish e-scooters to bike lanes whenever they are available.

If a bike lane isn’t an option, (which they aren’t in every part of Denver), riders are allowed to ride on the far right side of the road, but only if the speed limit of that road isn’t more than 30 miles per hour.


Original post from 9news Here


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