CYCLO-X Series changes and racing for FREE! read all about it

Start the countdown, because in just 11 days cyclocross season descends upon Colorado.  The 18th edition of the CYCLO-X Series has some very special surprises in store for 2016.  We know many of you have heard the rumors about an iconic venue making a return to the Colorado scene, plus even more recent rumors about the CYCLO-X Series traveling from the 36 corridor to a new destination down south.  Both rumors are true.  For this season Without Limits is proud to announce two brand new races to the 7-race CYCLO-X Series in CYCLO-X Harlow Platts and CYCLO-X Rueter Hess.  For more information please visit

RACE FOR FREE PROGRAM! (Roadies can even earn FREE 2017 entries)

From juniors who want to save their parents money and learn to value of hard work to hedge fund managers trying to give back to the community we all want to save money! So how can you race for free at any CYCLO-X event, the US OPEN, Rocky Mountain Regional Championships, or the State Championships?  Easy, a 3-4hr volunteer shift will earn you a free entry to be used on that particular day or upcoming race. Can a friend/parent/loved one volunteer who’s not a racer and I get their credit? Of course, you get us a volunteer and we’ll get you an entry!  Right now we’re recruiting for ALL races, but especially need help next week for CYCLO-X Rueter Hess.  To sign-up please e-mail   Shifts range from set-up the day before, to early morning race day set-up, timing chip hand out, registration, timing chip collection, and event clean-up.  If you only race road, but still want to earn some 2017 road season entries just come on out and volunteer during cross season!

Common questions answered by Without Limits Race Director Lance Panigutti

With these two news races which venue was dropped?: We know many of you loved the iconic sands and beach party of Boulder Res, but for this season Boulder Res is serving as the emergency venue for Harlow Platts.  Should another 100 year flood hit Boulder in September we’ll be using Boulder Res as our plan B venue to ensure a race on Sept 24th.

So what makes these two brand new venues so special?:  When it comes to Harlow Platts just ask a racer who was around circa 2009 and you’ll see the smile in their face when they talk about Harlow.  CYCLO-X Rueter Hess is a different story as there’s never been an event on these brand new grounds.  Overall Rueter Hess is a venue that’s super easy to access for everyone along the Front Range and will be a very beginner friendly course to help kick off the season.  The wide open field grass, ditches, and short run-ups will have a little bit of everything for those seasoned veterans tuning up for the year, or the first time racer trying out this brand new sport!

If I purchase a 5-pack do I have to decide right away what 5 races out of the 7 I’m doing?: NO, that’s the best part, you pick and choose any 5 you’d like, when you’d like.  Just show up and we’ll have your number ready.

We heard about colored numbers for 2016?: Those rumors are true as well.  Any category that features multiple categories racing on course at the same time will receive a special colored number so you all can tell who you’re racing against.

Equal prize money?: Yes, for 2016 the series prize money has been equalized across genders with $2,850 up for grabs in series cash

The new schedule: Is there a schedule that makes everyone in the world perfectly happy? No, but based off feedback we received from 2015 we made slight tweaks to last year’s schedule which we’re pretty excited about.  The SM4’s now have the course all to themselves at 8am, we’ve flip flopped the open races in an effort to keep all the women categories together and give the larger open men a less congested course preview slot when there’s no racing action.  We hope you enjoy the new schedule and thank you for your understanding that there’s a lot of parties to please with such a diverse racing population.

WithoutLimits Cross Race from 5280 ELITE on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “CYCLO-X Series changes and racing for FREE! read all about it

  1. Is lance really trying to claim all of the schedule changes?!?! Looks like a carbon copy of the 2016 CUP policy except the M Open and W Open reversal.
    The SERIES prize money has changed. They took money from one to give to another. There has been a marginal (very small) increase in the daily and series prize but that is it.

    1. Ohh Frank, I can assume that you didn’t read the article. They’ve purchased custom bib # so you can now easily figure out who your racing against. I’m sure that cost them a pretty penny for each race. Equal prize money is also on the docket and as Mark 2 says bumped up the daily and series prizes. And look they even left the race fees the same as the past years and didn’t bump them up.
      If you think the schedule was stolen work, you should download the cross cup policy and the suggested schedule. All they did was change a few things as they even said “Tweaked” it a little. They brought back a venue that was off the schedule for years which I’m thinking wasn’t cheap either.
      This is cross season and there’s no room for fun haters, so please keep your hate until road season and go ride your bike.
      Besides at least they aren’t out spending 50+ thousand dollars on a new website. The question is, what has BRAC done with your money over the last 5 years to make racing better in colorado? Riddle me that Frank!

      1. Oh boy,
        The Franks and Frank haters are coming out to play again. 303 was quiet but a new season is started again.
        WOL is using an old course. Nice. It is just replacing an equally nice course.
        WOL should be given credit for doing new courses and bring back popular ones. OZ, Parker, Harlow, Rueter……
        WOLs “tweaked” race schedule. Is a 1/2 truth. The SM4 change was not theirs.
        The BRAC haters need to get some facts before they mouth off on “Web sites” and administration and other things that are just made up. If you haven’t ever purchased a web site and a program that computes complicated results then you should shut up.
        That’s right. From what I have looked up, a good web site platform will last years and be easy to work with.. Managing race results in a fast manner and then plug them in to OUR CUP requirements is a beast. Could you write that program?!? That is what “US” members have wanted over the years and continue to want for more to come.
        I gladly give BRAC 1% of my yearly cycling budget to have state champ jerseys, CUP competition, seasonal community get togethers, Junior camps, supported races and venues, officials, a WEB SITE that is almost one stop, new race development money, ect.
        Now keep your politics for a presidential election and go ride a bike.

  2. I want to know what WOL is doing with the extra money they are putting in their pocket after strong arming everyone at Club Council. Lowering the BRAC fee gives them what, $750-$1000 a race to put into the community.

    Bullying a non-profit org for their own benefit is morally and ethically wrong. What has WOL done to replace BRACs budget? Other than stolen others work as pointed out.

  3. While I loathe racing at 8am, after going to Adventure CX last weekend, I can say that it’s really nice to have the course to ourselves!

  4. WOL puts on the most organized, best races around. BRAC does jack sh…t for me except take my money for a website probably set up by somebody’s buddy. Yes there are junior programs that they put on, however, there are many people like me that don’t have kids. One reason…..I don’t want to spend my money on them. So BRAC taking my membership and spending it on junior programs does nothing except coerce money out of me and give it to someone else. Remember when we used to build box tracks in a field……vs taking people’s tax dollars and building a bike park?

    What a joke. Great job WOL. Keep it up, you’re doing more for the CX community than I have seen BRAC do in the 5 years I’ve been racing.

    1. The government all the way down to my HOA take my money for things I don’t want to pay for, but that’s part of life and I’m not sure it makes for a very compelling argument. That said, I LOVE Without Limits races and have all of them on my calendar for the season!

    2. What would be interesting to me is for someone to ACTUALLY bring something else or new to the table. Not just bitching about single issues.

      The way Collins talks, I am surprised that he even has a bike. Sounds like the old man on the corner with a Trump and NRA sticker along with all the bitching about taxes, then cyclists that don’t pay taxes, welfare, education, isolationists, blah blah blah. Just yelling at the wind.

      So if you are Frank or Collin why don’t you step up? Give in to the system as much as you take. God forbid if you actually give more.

      1. Yeah John….that’s the point. What I am taking from the “system” is a race that I pay for with my entry fee. That’s it. However taking an additional $25, or whatever the BRAC fee is, from me and providing services that I don’t want or need is something different.

        Your comment is interesting, “Give” to the system….”give more”. That is very different then being FORCED to “give” by the rules. My charitable giving is none of your or BRAC’s business.

        Related to your other comments I find it interesting your reaction is to immediately demean people that don’t agree with you political views. I think Valmont is great, however I also remember having great bmx tracks that were built by kids themselves in my home town, playing baseball in a corn field, and having a ton of fun. My point is these kids can and will find a way to race and have fun without TAKING money from others to fund it. I love the little kids races. What I don’t agree with is seeing kids with carbon Ridley X-Fire’s and carbon tubulars getting free race entry fees with BRAC funds TAKEN from the entire racing community through forced BRAC license fees; and then seeing their results on a $60,000 website.

        1. That is pretty much what I expected from Colin. No need to converse with a person that “demean people that don’t agree with you political views” or so closed minded they cant see beyond today or something equivalent.

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