Colorado HS Cycling League: 2018 Season is a Wrap

Director’s Note

It is time to reflect on the many memories created during the 2018 season. We are humbled by the immense grit, positive sporting behavior, and passionate dedication of coaches and volunteers.

The weekend celebrations of riding bikes and pushing your limits are a small element of the magic that occurs among teams, families, and student-athletes on and off the bike. The leadership, determination, and generosity demonstrated by the community are over the top!

Kate Rau, Executive Director
John “Hutch” Hutchinson, Operations Director

Season Highlights

Kyle Packard, JV Legacy, 7220 Laramie flows in Durango.

Here are some statistics related to our combined efforts:

▪ 1,383 student-athletes
▪ 314 girls, 23% of total
▪ 1,102 average racers per conference series weekend
▪ 74 teams, representing more than 155 high schools
▪ 654 coaches
▪ 28 loyal and engaged sponsors
▪ 128 Legacy competitors
▪ 92 student-athletes, 31 coaches, and 14 teams received a total of $33,970 of scholarships in-kind and cash
▪ 5 fun weekend contests
▪ 4066 volunteer hours on race weekends
▪ Hundreds of miles explored
▪ countless smiles and magical memories!

Check out all the great highlights here

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