Colorado ‘cross racer re-toes the start line at age 65

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Great article about keeping it all in perspective…and from one of our very own Feedback Sports racers/local race promoter, Lee Waldman!

From CX Magazine

In his last column, Colorado-based Masters racer Lee Waldman looked back on a lifetime of racing and returning to the start line at the age of 65. Today he gives us a good reminder about what is really important when racing ‘cross.

by Lee Waldman

‘Cross season is full tilt here in Colorado. Since late August we’ve been racing which means my focus has now shifted from training to racing. During the summer my thinking and my preparation doesn’t hone in on the racing per se. The little things that make up my cyclocross life take on added importance when the weather turns hot here. I’ve explored new ways to approach training (this has helped) and resting (this would help if I was better at it). During the past 18 months, I’ve struggled alternatively with fitness, continual injury and the necessity of retaining my self-confidence.

Yes, smiling during a cross race is allowed (and encouraged).

Yes, smiling during a cross race is allowed (and encouraged).

I’m now eight races into the new season and I’ve made some discoveries. In some sense many of them have been re-discoveries, things that I may have realized in the past but forgotten or ignored. They may not be new to you, but they have been to me….


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