Coach Bobby McGee and Coaching

By Bill Plock

In this podcast 303’s Rich Soares talks with legendary coach Bobby McGee and athlete Sue Reynolds. Sue is preparing for the world triathlon championship in Bermuda later this year. It’s fun to listen to the three of them discuss coaching philosophy and how their relationship has worked for Sue. She shares her evolvement as an athlete and how Bobby has made a huge difference for her, especially mentally.

It’s evident in listening that Bobby’s style is malleable to an athletes drive and will to succeed, especially if succeeding is on a trajectory of self-actualization. He comments how that if self actualization is the ultimate goal, it’s even more powerful than winning a gold medal. And Bobby knows a thing or two about gold, having coached Gwen Jorgensen’s to the top of podium in Rio. He is now coaching her on her quest to winning gold in Tokyo as a runner, not a triathlete.

Here is the link to the podcast Rich recorded in person on May 7th 2021:

Sue is a multi-time participant at world’s having discovered triathlon later in life. She was 62 and weighed 335 pounds and now, five years later and after losing 200 pounds, she has competed in four world championships and preparing for a fifth. Bobby attributes her curiosity for excellence as one of the keys to helping him help her. He contends coaches don’t give athletes anything, they simply help athletes find out what’s possible within themselves.

This is 303’s original discussion with Sue Reynolds:

He approaches coaching in a very cerebral manner. He was born and raised in South Africa and competed in sports (loved field hockey) but was not an elite athlete, something he attributes as part of his success in coaching. He can’t use his success as a barometer for someone else, rather he focuses on each athletes’ own potential, strengths and weaknesses.

You will learn a lot from this podcast!

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