• Mountain Bike Skill Parks

    Submitted by Aaron Adams on March 7th, 2016

    By Erin Trail

    Itching to ride your mountain bike but find that the trails in the foothills are still a bit too muddy to ride? Want to get a quick ride in after work without driving to the trail? Consider hitting one of the many skill parks located around Metro Denver! Read more

    • Zachary Strnad, Busted in Cyclist Tom Flanagan’s Death: Open Container in Car

      Submitted by 303cycling on March 6th, 2016

      From Westword (GoFundMe account for Tom Flanagan’s family details below)

      Tom Flanagan was an avid outdoorsman who loved cycling in Colorado.

      But a fatal encounter with twenty-year-old Zachary Strnad, a suspected drunk driver, ended his life far too soon. Read more

      • Spring Bike Maintenance Made Easy

        Submitted by 303cycling on March 5th, 2016

        Whether you’re a fair-weather rider who’s bike has been hibernating all winter, or a winter-riding die-hard, now is the time to inspect your bike and give it a little TLC. Feedback Sports has some user-friendly tips to help! Read more

        • The Champ Is Here: Q&A with Fat Bike World Champion Amy Beisel

          Submitted by 303cycling on March 4th, 2016

          As told to Scott Downes

          On a frigid weekend in late January, fat bikers gathered in Crested Butte for the first ever Fat Bike World Championships, hosted by the Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce and sponsored Borealis Fat Bikes. The race headlined a weekend-long festival that drew fat bikers from across the mountain west and beyond, included forums about advocacy and trail usage, and featured Lez Zeppelin – a dope all-female Led Zeppelin cover band.

          Colorado-based mountain biker Amy Beisel soloed to victory in the women’s elite race. . .

           Read more

          • A Visit To Project ReCycle

            Submitted by 303cycling on March 3rd, 2016

            Something wonderful is happening on the fourth floor of the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. It’s not a medical research facility, though some may say it could have long term positive health benefits for many people. In this large space lives the current home of Project ReCycle. Read more

            • So a Woman Walks into a Boulder Bike Shop…

              Submitted by 303cycling on March 2nd, 2016

              “OK, let’s review your pros and cons again,” she said patiently.
              “On the one hand, you’ve got carbon, disc brakes, a great fit, and smoking sale price. And a little bit of a purple stripe. On the other hand you’ve got the colors you really like, but a drop down in components, a bit more weight, and you might be in between sizes on the frame. Have I got that right?”
              Jaime Jacoby – tattooed, muscled, cool chic in a girl-crush kind of way – peers at me from under her baseball cap, smiling….

               Read more

              • A candid Lance Armstrong reflects on his ‘colossal meltdown’ in CU-Boulder visit

                Submitted by 303cycling on March 1st, 2016

                Disgraced cyclist admits doping, but says everyone was doing it
                From Boulder Daily Camera

                In a wide-ranging and candid talk at the University of Colorado on Tuesday, Lance Armstrong discussed his life now, his views on the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and what he’s tried to do to make amends for his past wrongs… Read more

                • Evie’s Hour – The Scene at Evelyn Stevens’ Record-Setting Day

                  Submitted by 303cycling on February 29th, 2016

                  303 writer Scott Downes reflects on the the mood and atmosphere at Evelyn Stevens’ 1-hour track record attempt on Saturday: “The Hour Record is a strange, solitary pursuit — unique in that it’s one of the few if only races comprised of one individual participant. . . But here, in the Hour Record, there is only one racer, the experience is hers alone, and the rest of us are just intimate observers to the suffering…” Read more

                  • How Much Recovery Between Hard Workouts?

                    Submitted by 303cycling on February 29th, 2016

                    A frequent topic of conversation is recovery: how much and how often.

                    Alison Powers, coach at ALP Cycles Coaching
                    has some great advice and some tell tale signs that hitting the next session hard will be in your body’s best interest. Read more

                    • 303 Weekly Spin!

                      Submitted by 303cycling on February 28th, 2016

                      The 303 Weekly Spin Newsletter is UP! See all the news highlights for the end of February! Read more