Q&A: Andrew Bernstein on hit-and-run: “I came very close to death”

By Fred Dreier VeloNews Editor-in-Chief

September 5, 2019, Andrew Bernstein, a lifelong racer and bike industry veteran, was the victim of a hit-and-run crash in July. We caught up with Bernstein to discuss his recovery and his perspective on the incident. 

On July 20, Andrew Bernstein was riding a stretch of Arapahoe Road in east Boulder, Colorado, when he was struck from behind by a speeding vehicle and then left in a ditch alongside the road. The vehicle, believed to be a white Dodge Ram van, did not stop, and continued driving westbound.

Bernstein is a lifelong racer and a longtime stalwart in the bicycle industry. He worked at Rodale for Bicycling magazine for years, and recently moved to Boulder with his fiancee to work for the PR and media firm True Communications. He is a regular fixture in cycling media circles. Full disclosure: Bernstein is a friend.

The hit-and-run left Bernstein with life-threatening injuries, and he spent more than a week unconscious in the hospital fighting for his life. Police in Boulder began a process of trying to identify the parties responsible for the incident, and were able to locate the vehicle, however no arrests have been made.

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