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cheri ms readathonBy Cheri Felix

Blue Sky Bridge is having a ride your bike and raise money month. It started June 1 but these things are kind of like flossing and eating right; it’s never too late to start. Blue Sky Bridge acts as a soft place to land for kids who have been abused. It’s a place for kids to tell their story one time. Not over and over and over again only to relive the horror of the story and the experience but ONE TIME. Their interview is recorded and watched using two-way mirrors so that everyone who needs to know the information and facts can watch the recorded interview. I cannot stress this enough. This is so important for kids who have already suffered deeply. Who will have to live with what someone else did to them. Blue Sky Bridge takes a terrible situation and does what they can to soften the blow.

June is Cycle For Hope month. You sign up, you pick a mileage goal or a money goal. You can do this as an individual or a team. You and your book group can do it. Your gaggle of pals at work can do it. You and your family can do it. Here’s the deal. The websitemakes it super easy. You can fill in the blanks and share it with friends. If you want to make it a team event, tell a story about your life or someone you know. We seem to connect more when we tell the truth.

When I was in elementary school we did a Multiple Sclerosis READ-a-thon. I loved these events. People in my life would promise a quarter for every book or if I could find a rich uncle, a dollar a book. In my memory, I read more books than anyone else. I read 50. Anyone who signed up to sponsor me were suckers because I was such a prolific reader. This town? We’re prolific bike riders. Make a move. Do something bold. Set a goal. Even if you raise $350.00 bucks that’s amazing. Raise a $1000.00? Still amazing. No matter what, you are making a difference in a child’s life that has been abused.

I know what it’s like to be in that chair. Answering questions from what feels like a million people. It’s tough and it makes it feel like you’re never going to get past what happened. Take it from me. Sign up. Make a goal or support someone else’s goal. Just make a move.

Here is a link to my fundraising page:…

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