Adelaide Perr, Our Interview and Thoughts on Her Book, Degloved

By Bill Plock

Adelaide Perr almost lost her life in 2014 when she was struck by a motorist who pulled out from a side road in front of her. She violently smashed through the drivers side window degloving her face. In some ways, degloving her life. Already diagnosed with bipolar 2 and coping with that, this near tragic accident propelled her and her soon to be husband into a whirlwind of emotions, struggles and ultimately a more clear understanding of themselves, life, and their relationship. Adelaide opens up about her discoveries and her journey since the crash. In her book Degloved she takes us through the physical, mental and emotional challenges she faced. In this interview we unlock more of the story and talk about her future and the why behind the book.

The book Degloved shares incredible details about Adelaide’s injuries, her treatments and her mental struggles before, during and after her recovery. She takes us a deep, vulnerable dive into her life, into her and her husband, Kennett’s life. She shares some intimate moments between them like when Kennett proposed to her while she was in a coma. Or when she saw herself for the first time in a mirror, how the leeches saved her lip and how she felt constantly victimized for years following the crash because of the false reporting of how it happened.

Adelaide takes us through not only her medical processes, her mental healing but also through the courts and the difficulties she encountered in getting the driver to admit guilt. We get a look behind the scenes at how and why the driver faced so little punishment and retribution relative to her loss. Ultimately Adelaide has become an even stronger advocate for bike safety and mental illness awareness. She helped with getting Colorado to pass a Vulnerable User law whereby those who cause injury or death to a vulnerable road user get much more substantial punishment.

Her book gives deep insight into her struggles with mental illness and depression and how it effects her everyday life compounded with recovery and PTSD from this crash. In the end, most people will find a thread in this book that is easy to identify with; loss, relationships, anguish, hope, recovery, love, trauma, and discovery.

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