Love to Ride – Boulder!

DSCN0950By Lauren Greenfield

Do you LOVE to ride?

Want to share the love?  NOW is the perfect time to do so.  The second annual LOVE TO RIDE challenge begins on September 12 and runs through October 7.  If you have a single competitive bone in your body: whether you want to get MORE people to LOVE to ride, whether you want to go FURTHER than your friends, faster than your best strava time or beat out the neighboring business with more riders for the month, now is your chance!

No Lycra required.  No kits.  No fancy bikes.  Grab any bike out of your garage (townies/commuters work great for this one) – grab the kids, the neighbors and tag/invite all of your colleagues and facebook peeps. – sign up today and then get extra points (without even getting in the saddle) if your friends sign up.  Tips for the beginners; tips for the unmotivated; even some tips for those who associate riding with lycra on carbon fiber – maybe now is the time to go buy that new commuter bike.  The prices may surprise you – less than a single pair of pedals and shoes and miles and miles of fun in the saddle.

DSCN0689What are your goals (did you earn your daily ice cream today?  or maybe lost a pound this week? ride to work twice?) YOU set them –  and feel accomplished as you achieve them and see your friends  set and achieve their own! Rack up the points while having a friendly competition.

WHY? There are prizes to win.  All kinds.  AND your daily stats will pop up on the site. For those of us “non-techies” a great opportunity to track our miles and feel really good about our achievements!

Do you know anyone in Madison, Wisconsin?  Boulder is competing with Madison this year.  Let’s ALL DO this, together  Boulder peeps!!!

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