303Cycling partners with Health IQ


303 Cycling is proud to announce our newest partnership with Health IQ — a new type of life insurance company whose mission is to celebrate health conscious cyclists, runners, weightlifters, vegans, yogis, etc. with the lower rates they deserve. Up to 33% exclusive savings.

In a recent feature in Forbes, CEO Munjal Shah explained how Health IQ’s data-driven approach rewards health conscious people.

  1. Recognition for well-managed conditions, like diabetes.
  2. Tailored for athletes with low resting heart rates
  3. Assessment focused on you, not your family history
  4. Athlete-friendly measurement (BMI/waist-hip ratio)
  5. Consideration for low-carb dieters

Health IQ is the fastest growing life insurance company in the United States. The company partners with the nation’s top-rated insurance carriers and has a 9.7 customer satisfaction rating. Founded in 2013 by a team of health conscious entrepreneurs, Health IQ is a licensed life insurance company in all 50 states and that has helped thousands of individuals secure a total of $5.3 billion in insurance coverage.

Head on over to HealthIQ.com/303cycling and fill out a short application to take advantage of the special rates they have for racquet sports players and other healthy lifestyles. Happy holidays!


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