10 Ways Mountain Biking Has Made You Better at Real Life

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Your bike is the best life coach $5,000 can buy.

Mountain biking is a microcosm for real life. You crash, you fail, you get frustrated. You succeed, you achieve, you improve, you push your limits, and then maybe you crash some more. In the process, you’re constantly learning, and those lessons extend far beyond the trailhead. Here are 10 ways that mountain biking has legitimately made you better at real life.
1. When You Crash, You Get Up and Try Again

The whole “get back on the horse” thing is probably the most over-used life advice out there but, like most cliches, it’s rooted in the truth. And mountain biking certainly teaches you to get back up and give ‘er because, otherwise, it will take you all night to get off this f*cking mountain. Thanks to mountain biking, you’re better at handling failure in the rest of your life, too. You know that sometimes all it takes is another go.
2. You’re Good at Dealing with Frustration

Mountain biking is thrilling, breath-taking, glorious fun. Most of the time. Other times it’s the goddamn worst most frustrating thing in the world. You bash your shins. You can’t get up any of the rock features that everyone else is dancing up like mountain goats. You’re the slowest person in the group. Etc., etc., etc. But, you know what? Life is downright frustrating at times and mountain biking provides you with some good coping mechanisms. Afterall, as much as you want to chuck your bike into a pile of rocks every now and again, you can’t, because it cost you $5,000–five G’s that you worked hard to earn in real life. So you have to, like, take deep breaths and shit.
3. You Know How to Commit to Something and Make it Happen

Anyone who’s ever ridden a mountain bike understands the concept of a “hesitation fall.” You know, that moment when you decide you don’t want to ride something, but goddamnit, you decided too late yet again and now you’re getting up close and personal with a tree. What you might not realize is that hesitation falls are a thing in real life, too. In the workplace, in your friendships and romantic relationships, in your personal passions and projects—commitment can often mean the difference between success and huck-to-face.

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One thought on “10 Ways Mountain Biking Has Made You Better at Real Life

  1. What’s that nonsense about “real life”??? Mountain biking IS real life, the bruises are real, the blood is red and the busted bike parts aren’t floating around in some parallel universe called “unreal life”. “Real life” is not just about paying bills and dealing with work bullshit.

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