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Fort Lewis brings home the gold and CU Boulder the bronze in Division I cycling. Great job Colorado!!!

See full story on USA Cycling

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Here is the real news for folks who never open the sports section. As you might have heard (even if you don't open the sports section) CU football got beat bad by my college team, University of Missouri this weekend but who cares about football, how did Mizzou do against CU at the National MTB championships.

CU got 7th 19th and 20th with Missou getting 21st!

Whoa, I got the thought to write the story to make fun of Mizzou and their pathetic cycling program, I would know because I was the president of the cycling team while attending that worthless school. So I was floored to see that they had a rider finish and finish OK. The year we went to nationals in 95 the highest placed rider was John Rhines with 7th with myself coming in around the 40's. The CU cycling team gets WAY more support than Mizzou riders do, so I have to say, CU had one hell of a bad weekend against Mizzou. Ya they beat them but you walk/ride a mile on their hometown training grounds vs CU and to see 21st is amazing!!!

Benjamin Sonntag wins Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships

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Benjamin Sonntag of Fort Lewis will be bringing home the gold in the Division I Men’s Cross Country. The race is being hosted by Lees-McRae College in North Carolina. Here is how some other Coloradians have faired....

  • 3rd Eszter Horanyi (CU-Boulder) Women's Cross Country Divison I
  • 2nd Melissa Marts (Colorado School of Mines) Women's Cross Country Division II

Read the full story and results at USA Cycling

Catch some important details on Sunday's CX race

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Pulled from the ACA website on the details of the Boss of Cross race this this Sunday

There's just a couple of things I want to clarify before the day of the event.

First (and foremost) - there are going to be a gaggle of porto-lets around. But when you get there you'll notice many of them will be taped off. This is because CSU has these rented for the entire football season, and they're not moving them for our event. We will have a set of porto-s ready for you by the start finish. Please don't use any of the ones that are taped off as our cost to service these is just ridiculous. We'll have plenty for you and keep them well marked. Thanks for the consideration.

Second - entry is at the south entrance. The same one used for the FCCF this year. There will be plenty of signage pointing you to the location (and it's really easy to find if you're not familiar) - but I wanted to let you those of you familiar with Ft Collins know where it is.

Third - this is going to be a fast course. If you're into fidgeting with your bike for different events, get your gofast setup for Sunday. And we've route the course to minimize any goatheads ... can't guarantee you won't get them, but know we've gone to great lengths to minimize your chances.

Boulder Cup Registration is open

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Registration is open via BikeReg for Nov 1 and Nov 2

I normally almost never pre-register for a race, even the heavily promoted pre-reg benefit of this weekend's I still did not pre-reg. I don't have a good reason for not pre-signing up because I race about every race I plan on doing, maybe I have a hard time committing or want the option to bail (even though I almost never do) or there is really very little benefit for doing so.

HOWEVER, there are good reasons for signing up for the Boulder Cup races. These races have huge turnouts and given the popularity of CX these days you don't want to miss out due to field size limits. If I remember correctly registration times played a part in the callups last year however according to the website it is not certain if that will be the case this year

Blue Sky Velo - Cyclocross

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Saturday's race at Xlinix was anything but less than amazing! Hats off to the crew at Blue Sky Velo for putting on a UCI quality race at the ACA level. Mother nature was kind and the racers showed their appreciation by showing up, all 586 registered riders with 105 in the men's cat 4 field!! It was also good to have David Towle back in Colorado at the helm of the mic and extra good to hear him give credit to 303racing, Thanks Dave!!!


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