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We ran the story on ACA Mega Racers but what about the average racer? The results below show the number of races completed, followed by the number of ACA ACA licensed racers. For example: 315 racers completed one race.

  • 1 race: 315
  • 2-5 races: 728
  • 6-10 races: 624
  • 11-20 races: 555
  • 21-30 races: 198
  • 31-40 races: 58
  • 41- or more races: 21

To us, this information is very interesting. In 2009 there were approximately 3000 ACA licensed racers. With some simple calculations, the data shows that approximately 10% of licensed racers do only 1 race and about 50% do less than 10 races.

So, what were the most popular races that these single racers completed? The top five races that were completed by a 1 time finisher are listed below. (example: 19, 1 time finishers completed Mt Evans Hill Climb etc)

  1. 19 Bob Cook Memorial - Mt Evans HC - Colorado Hill Climb Championships
  2. 19 Frostbite Time Trial

Boulder Roubaix Press Release

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From DBCEvents on the 2010 Boulder Roubaix

After taking 2009 off, the challenging and popular road cycling race returns, tackling a longer, more difficult course featuring hilly dirt sections as well as smooth, fast pavement.

Boulder, Colorado, April 11, 2010 -- More than 400 cyclists are expected to compete in the Boulder-Roubaix race, on the rural roads north of Boulder, Colorado. First-timers and seasoned pros alike will tackle an 18.7-mile loop, just under half of which is dirt. The first Boulder-Roubaix took place in 1992 and has since become one of the most hallowed races in the western US.

“It’s all the best unpaved sections north of town,” explains Chris Grealish, owner of DBC Events, a cycling-event promotions company. “We hold our race the same day as the ‘Queen of the Classics’, the French race that goes from Paris to Roubaix, near Belgium, on the old cobblestone roads.”

Veteran cyclists revere the Boulder-Roubaix; a win in the event makes a rider’s career. Legends like Roy Knickman have won here, as well as current top professionals like Chris Baldwin, a national champion. The event is part of the Colorado competition for the Best All-around Rider and Best All-around Team (BAR/BAT), which crowns the state’s best rider and team for the 2010 season.

Bear Creek State Park Round 1 - Photos and more

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Brady Kappius doing is second race of the day

2010 Photos and Videos      


Photo Credit: Phillip Ball

ACA Mega Racers

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Here at 303Cycling we wanted to find out what kind of racers really love to race based on how often they race.  With no preconceived ideas about what we would find, the numbers were pretty eye opening.  While the average number of races for an active ACA member might be lower than you’d expect, there are some young guns out there that really love it and double up almost every weekend. Hopefully this translates to fast masters in the years to come. 

We decided to come up with an award for both men and women racers with the most finishes in 2009. Here are the podiums and the number of races completed:

Racers with the most number of races in 2009


  1. Gage Hecht - 66 races
  2. Dean Haas - 55 races
  3. Drew Christopher - 51 races


  1. Laurel Rathbun - 44 races
  2. Darcy Tiglas - 43 races
  3. Jessica Way - 43 races

What will it take to win Boulder Roubaix?

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This years Boulder Roubaix has a new twist to it, a revised course. More gravel, more turns, more of the unknown. So what will it take to win this year? We asked Beth Fisk, Bill Campie, Dirk Friel and Chuck Coyle for their insight.

Chuck Coyle the 2007 Winner

[303cycling] Given the new course, what should riders be aware of in terms of attacks or leveraging it?

[Chuck] The new course is really, really, hard. The first half of the lap is going to be about positioning, conserving energy and being smart. The 2nd half is going to be about being fit. And every lap this is going to get more important. I see the selections being made right after Crane Hollow Rd or after the Feed Zone Hill....depending a little on wind direction and speed. With the race being 4-laps there is going to be a lot of is only 75 miles but they are all hard miles.

Big Prize Money at new Local Criterium

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There is a brand new local (Brighton, Colorado) criterium next month with some major cash on the line. We recently talked to the promoter, Dan Schmatz, to get more color on the bike race. Here is the interview:

[303Cycling] $5000 is alot of cash for prize money.  I did some quick research and its hard to find a race with that much cash on the line.  Do you think the cash will draw the talent and why cash for every category?
[Dan Schmatz] THF Realty (developer of Prairie Center) has been a huge supporter of cycling for a long time and this race with cash prizes is another example.  The goal is to have strong fields in every category.  Our hope is that a nice course, a well run event and the carrot of some cash will bring out as many racers as possible at every skill level.

[303Cycling] We just did a story about promoting races and now you are promoting this race.  What are the challenges that you have faced to put on this race?
[Dan Schmatz] I think the hardest thing for most promoters is finding the money and finding a course.  For us these two tasks were a little easier.  I also have a great consultant handling all the other difficult stuff so I can't complain at all. Our biggest challenge was actually getting a date since we came a little late.

[303Cycling] Tell us a little bit about the course.
[Dan Schmatz]It is just over 1k with 6 corners and great pavement. Not crazy technical, but everyone will need to keep their head up. The circuit is flat but if the wind is kicking it may be a tough day!

[303Cycling] I know there was one race out in Brighton this past fall which got some great feedback.  Do you see more races both road and cyclocross happening out there?
[Dan Schmatz] I genuinely hope so. With a development of around 2300 acres so, we have a lot of options.  Road, cross and even MTB are all possibilities.

[303Cycling] Anything else you want to tell us about this new event?
[Dan Schmatz] We are really excited. I have raced a lot of criteriums, but this will be the first time I have been a part of putting one on. It should be a great day of racing and I hope we can grow the event for 2011.

Yoga with Mara Abbott

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Boulder Cycling native, pro cyclist and National Champion Mara Abbott will be teaching "Yoga for Cyclist" at Om Time in Boulder this Spring. Sounds interesting so we followed up with Mara on this topic...

303Cycling What got you into this besides living in Boulder?

Mara Abbott I actually started yoga as a class at Whitman College ("stretch and strength :)"). When I came back to Boulder after college, I began to practice more and more regularly, and it has sort of evolved from there...

303Cycling How often and how long do you perform yoga now?

Mara Abbott At least once a day... sometimes twice, an hour to two each time!

303Cycling If you had to get rid of either a powertap/HR monitor or yoga which would it be?

2010 Koppenberg Status Update

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Deja Vu????

Koppenberg has been Postponed to April 3rd!

Koppenberg Circuit, Saturday, April 3rd
UPDATE 3/26/10 1:40pm -
We are postponing the race until next Saturday, April 3rd. Thanks for your patience. The snow did not melt as much as we expected and the impending weather keeps looking worse. We did line up a gravel dump to help our cause but after consulting with our soil experts, it may not have made much of difference if there was still some deep snow.

Next week's weather is much dryer so a much less chance of a mud issue. It's not much more work for us to delay one week, especially if we could avoid a cluster.

Next week, same plan. As we threatened last year, we will go ahead with the race no matter the conditions. Worst case, Sunday's weather looks great, so the 9:45am wave should happen and definitely the 11:40 and later waves will be on.

Here are the expected options ...
A. It will be dry and racing will proceed as normal.


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