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Trails are still Muddy

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From BMA on Friday

We know, this mud season is taking a toll on our collective mental health. But we need to report that ALL Boulder County trails are marginal at best and extremely vulnerable to damage. We don't know of any natural surface trails in the Denver region that are in good, ridable condition.

This freeze/thaw cycle that our frontcountry lands have been enduring creates a perfect storm of damage that could take years to recover from.

f/STOPS Opening Huge Success

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The show took place at Indy Ink in Denver - a super cool shop that designs and prints their own t-shirts. Last Friday night it was transformed into a gallery opening (as is the case most First Fridays) and race headquarters for the start and finish of an alleycat.

The f/STOPS show was curated by Broox Pulford. The show featured a variety of photos dedicated to the image of the bicycle, from a picture of Lance Armstrong mountain biking to an artful black and white developed on real film. The 20 plus artists and the alleycat drew quite a crowd that ebbed and flowed throughout the evening.

Cherry Creek Time Trial Registration Temporarily Closed

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Registration is being reconciled and will remain closed. An announcement will be made on March 8 (Monday) as to when any remaining start times will become available.

Boulder County Subdivision Paving heats up!

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This important announcement came out yesterday from my Community Cycles source. There is also an Letter to the Editor in the Daily Camera today on this topic.

The Community Cycles advocacy committee has been monitoring the discussions of the Boulder County Subdivision Paving Group. This group is working with the county to decide what to do about deteriorating subdivision roads in the county and who will pay to repave them. Many of these roads are very local - not through roads- and simply access houses in the various subdivisions in the county. The county does repairs and snow removal on these roads, but does not have the funding to repave them. The policy of the county not repaving these roads is fairly old. The subdivision residents may have know this for years and should have been informed when they purchased their homes, but the county admits they have done a poor job in the past making residents aware of this policy.

Tom Danielson: The Human Lottery Ticket

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Can Garmin-Transitions' enigma deliver before time runs out?

"He's a lottery ticket. A one-in-a-million chance that could turn you into a millionaire but if don't buy the ticket you don't have a shot, right?" asks Jonathan Vaughters.

I respond with a nod and a reassuring smile. We've just had dinner in Calpe, Spain and the topic of discussion is the American cyclist Tom Danielson. The wine has been flowing, the company excellent and I can't remember how we've ended up talking about Tom Danielson.

Turn the clock back to late last summer and the Vuelta a Burgos is heating up. Danielson has just taken the overall lead after a spirited performance in the race's individual time trial. One final mountain stage is all that separates him from a surprise victory, but Alejandro Valverde is poised, threateningly, five seconds behind the Garmin rider. Can Danielson hold him off? That night I was on the phone to one of Danielson's old teammates and according to him, Danny Pate - second overall and four seconds back - has a better chance of taking the win. "Tonight Danny will be in bed by 9pm. Tom will be in bed too but he won't sleep until 2am," says the rider. "That'll be the difference. Tom will be up all night worrying and stressing."

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