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2011 - Lottery Registration Laramie Enduro Opens April 1

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Lottery Registration for this year's Laramie Enduro will open on April 1st at 10am MDT and remain open through April 28th.

Race Date: Saturday, July 30th

Step 1: Review registration details and register at where you will pay a non-refundable $5 application fee and receive a registration number.

Step 2: You'll then be given a link to our registration site to fill out the online form - completion of this form will place your name on the Lottery-Waiting List.

Step 3: Wait "patiently" to be contacted by us :)

TriBella Race Team Partners with Ride For Reading to Deliver Books by Bike

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Read more at TriBella's home

DENVER, Colo—Denver-based women’s competitive cycling team TriBella Race Team will deliver over 500 donated children’s books by bicycle to Columbine Elementary School Friday, April 29, 2011. The TriBella Race Team is partnering with the charity Ride for Reading, a Nashville-based non-profit with a mission to promote literacy and healthy living through the distribution of books via bicycle to children from low-income neighborhoods.

“Three years ago I recognized the need for books in the homes of children from low- income areas, so I combined my passion for cycling and literacy to create Ride for Reading,” said Executive Director Mathew Portell. “Since then, we are always looking to spread our mission with children around the country and it excites us to partner with TriBella Race Team to meet the needs of children in Denver, Colorado and hope others will do the same in their backyard.”

The proposed $332 million in cuts to Colorado’s K-12 total program funding prompted the team to take action. Columbine Elementary was chosen due to the number of children on free and reduced lunch programs and its proximity to the team’s group ride launching point.

2011 - Leadville Qualifying Series Details and Venues

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Life Time Fitness, AEG Announce

Leadville Qualifying Series Details and Venues

  • Qualifying Events to Go On Sale Thursday, March 31
  • Last Chance Entry Opportunity into the Legendary Race to be held on August 13, 2011

LEADVILLE, Colo. (March 29, 2011) – Life Time Fitness, Inc, (NYSE:LTM) The Healthy Way of Life Company, and AEG today announced the Leadville Qualifying Series (LQS) for the 2011 Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race (LT100). A rider’s performance at these races could guarantee a spot at the same start line where legendary cyclists, such as Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Rebecca Rusch, Tinker Juarez and Dave Wiens, have once started.

Each race will provide 100 qualifying spots to the LT100, the best known and most prestigious mountain bike race in North America. The spots will be allocated partially on the basis of age-group performance and partly by lottery among finishers. In addition, LQS showcases some of the best places to ride in America: from the Adirondacks, to the Sierra Nevadas, to the Rocky Mountains. Registration for these qualifying races goes on sale Thursday, March 31.

Aerial Mulching in Four Mile Burn area... not a way to go out

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Important information for both road cyclist and mountain bikers riding around Four Mile Burn area

The residents of the entire Four Mile Fire burn area would like to get through the next phase of the fire recovery, as soon as possible. One of the very important recovery projects will be a Spring aerial mulching over areas of Sunshine, Fourmile, and Sugarloaf canyons. The next phase of the burn recovery will be to seed the burn areas and then to mulch, in order to reduce flooding in the area. Several concerns to cyclists riding in these areas are:

  • The companies that are bringing in the heavy equipment are NOT from this area-therefore they are not used to the twists and turns of our canyons. This also means they are not used to the many cyclists that ride these roads.
  • During the aerial mulching, a requirement of the FAA is that no one can be in the mulch treatment areas while the mulch is being applied by helicopter, except for designated contractor employees and agency staff who are wearing highly visible clothing and have radio contact with the pilots. Residents may not be home during the mulching and this would include cyclists form Boulder, too. Please respect that the residents have been and will continue to be inconvenienced from this fire-we do not need to add to this by riding in these areas during these very important projects.

Boulder Newspaper adds support for West TSA access

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From the Daily Camera

The road to the Boulder City Council vote this week on a management plan for the West Trail Study area was a bumpy one, filled with examples of great civic collaboration -- as well as name calling, hyperbolic arguments and countless hours of public participation and debate.

We spent months talking to, and hearing from, interested parties on all sides of this issue.

Ride in the BMC Team car during the Quizno Cycling Challenge

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From Road 2 Victory

60 days, Once in a lifetime opportunity…

As cycling fans, many of us know the excitement of watching our favorite pro spring classic or epic stage race. As coverage gets better, we get closer to the action. You can almost feel the pain and adrenaline coursing through the riders as they surge to the line.

Well that’s the TV perspective…

Each of us, in the course of our lives, are presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether it’s your time to cross the line first or taking on the biggest challenge of your life, you know it when it’s there. You can feel it deep down – this is your chance – your once in a lifetime opportunity. You can take it on with all of your might or let it regrettably slip away.

This year we are incredibly excited to present to you, a once in a lifetime opportunity and challenge. The television and magazines are one way to observe cycling, but how about being there?

As in right there…

Assisted Cycling Tours hosting Bike (tandem) Clinic

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Have you ever wanted to take your child (adults are welcome too!) for a bike ride, but didn’t know what to do? A two hour hands on demonstration on tandem biking and bicycle safety will get you started in the right direction.

Join Assisted Cycling Tours to get a hand’s on demonstration with a tandem bike ride. We will be doing a 15
minute bicycle safety and instruction discussion and then proceed out to the parking lot for a bike fitting, ride around the parking lot to get everyone accustomed to the feel of riding a tandem. Depending on availability, once everyone is comfortable, we’ll go on the trail behind our offices for a longer bike ride to get everyone
out and about.


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