Bike Commuting with your Dog! It’s not only possible, it’s so AWESOME!

From Bike Ambassador Team Blog

Commuting is bliss. Adding a dog to the mix well… that’s heaven. How awesome to get to where you’re going, and for your pup to get a workout in at the same time. It’s the best.

Tips: Start small at first. Start with a traditional short, non-stretchy, non-retractable leash. Ride slow on an open path or road where people, dogs, cars, bikes won’t be an issue. Ride with the dog to your right side, get them used to the bike and the spinning wheels. Learn to ride the bike with one hand while the other (right hand) manages the leash and keeps the dog off to the right side. Having them right next to you while learning is best. This keeps them from taking out your front wheel or getting a paw in the spokes. Keep the speed slow and if things go wonky on you just remember to let go of the leash and bring things to a stop.

What I’ve learned, at least for my dogs, is when they are running alongside me on my bike, they consider it “time to work” and they aren’t distracted by things like dogs, people, rabbits -as they usually would be on a regular walk. Dogs really like this higher-speed exercise fix.

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