City of Boulder is killing Stazio races!

This just in..... Looks like the rental fees asked by the city are so high that it might not be worth it to have the races

DBC Events is regrettably canceling the March Criteriums at Stazio and trying to salvage the 2 April Road Races. The City of Boulder Parks and Rec Dept has new fees for using the streets around the softball complex. Each week they wanted us to pay $1150 in rent for the softball fields that we race around. The City of Boulder claims that they lose revenue by not being able to rent the fields when we are racing our bikes out there in March. Typically the money raised from Stazio allows us to pay for the road races in April. We are trying to salvage the April 20 road race in Superior by handing it off to another group ( yours ? ) . Boulder Roubaix is rescheduled for August 16th. We regret any problems our decision has caused the racing community,
Chris Grealish DBC Events

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A year ago the word was that

A year ago the word was that the Parks and Rec department was going to take over the Stazio Crits. What happened.

The parks and Rec is short of cash and are sticking it to special users groups. For example. They charge the area Master's swimmers a fee to "join the gym" and then full "rental" of the pool. The swimmers end up paying for the same service twice.