9 News reports on FTC Velodrome planning

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Yesterday 9News posted a short story on how the Fort Collins Velodrome Association is trying to get a velodrome up there.

Related, there will be a meeting tomorrow in FTC on the future of the velodrome... found here in their email

"You may have read today's Coloradoan cover story about a meeting for
public input to the City of Fort Collins Parks and Recreation Plan. It
is scheduled for this Thursday (June 12) at 5 PM at the Northside
Aztalan Community Center. The news article said the City had retained
a consultant (GreenPlay) who, through focus groups determined that
residents favored parks hosting community gatherings and large events.
We know a velodrome and cycling park could provide a venue for great
events and gatherings, and not just for cycling. With the weekly
growth of participation and attendance at the 6 Day Races at the CSU
Oval, it is a good time to remind parks planners that we need some
land for our facility. Not as much as golf, tennis, soccer, or
baseball facilities take of course, but some land is required. Legacy
Park has been eyed by our association as a possibility, and while it
has challenging aspects, it could be put to far better use by us than
it currently is.

Please plan to attend this meeting and show your support for a

Ned Overend scores big in Vail

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Yesterday we mentioned that Jeannie Long kicked butt in the Senior womens field at the Mike Horgan Hill Climb in Boulder Co, Jeannie Longo is 48 years of age, some have called her the greatest cyclist in history However it went unnoticed that Ned Overend whom placed 5th at the recent Teva Games Hill Climb coming only 50 seconds behind record breaking time set by Ben Day of 25:48 and Ned is of 52 years of age.

Weekend round-up

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Teva Games
Via VeloNews, Cyclocrossers crush Teva Games cross-country. And word has it that Ben Day beat the long standing record set by Andy Hampsten.

Colorado State TT
35+ rider Nico Toutenhoofd gets fastest time, 49:20
From ACA Results 2008 Results

Mike Horgan
Jeannie Longo wins womens open.... Beats Amy Dombroski... Did you know Longo is old enough she could be Amy's mom!

Teva Mountain Games this weekend in Vail

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Whether you are a competitive cyclist or an avid spectator, this weekend the Teva Mountain Games will have a plenty in store for you. This will be mostly Mountain Biking Events like X-country race, FreeStyle even and Slopestyle however the real gem for probably some cyclist is the Vail HC. The record time was set in 1987 by Andy Hampsten so with over 20 years of training science and technology don't you think it is time to beat it?

Short Track Round 1 Complete

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My season opener is done. Short track did go to night unless you were an A rider. I raced the B's hoping they would start the single speed folks in the back but due to time limitations they could not. The field was medium, maybe 30 riders, but that made it hard because this short track course was short with very few chances to pass. The race went good, I keep Charlie Hays in eye sight and with 4 to go the rain started and with 3 to go they shorten it to 1 lap but I never made it back, the mud was so thick my bike stopped and so did everyone else.


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