303Cycling looking for your feedback

303Cycling has been running for little over a year now and we want to make sure that we are providing you with news you want... but what is that? Here are some items of interest

  • More Interviews
  • More non-racing news (commuting, touring, local bike industry, etc)
  • More in depth news... (post less but with greater meat)
  • Love the Twitter micro blogging, do that more
  • More discussion, expand the existing forum to more than just the Velodrome
  • Provide readers with access to post news they know about too
  • More on other disciplines like mountain biking, short track, alley catzz.
  • "Improve your writing, if there is a misspelling I can't read the news item anymore. I know I have a problem with reading but I'm not getting therapy for it..." I have heard this before!
  • Use other means to get your news out like news letters because I don't surf the web very often but your content is good.
  • Categorize your news more so I don't have to read stuff I don't care about.

I could go on and on... please feel free to add to these items.

We value your feedback! add to the discussion or contact us privately

News Item: 



• More Interviews with LOCAL top amateurs and top juniors who are aspiring to become professionals.
• More LOCAL non-racing news (commuting, touring, local bike industry, etc).
• More discussion about LOCAL cycling issues, expand the existing forum to more than just the Velodrome.
• More info about Colorado races and how people/clubs are getting ready for the season, their goals, etc.

More interviews with local

More interviews with local people who are interesting and not pros. Maybe interview some promoters like Grealish or Brian from Boulder Racing. Interview with John Tarkington about the ACA. Do some stories on local college teams (CU, CSU, DU). Interview people who run big local cycling teams about how they do it and why. Interviews with peopel in the business like Bobby from Rocky Mounts or Bruce from Excel. Start to write more about some of the large local, non race, events like the Tripple By Pass, Buffalo Classic, or Elphant Rock.