Boulder Indoor Cycling Update 12-19-2008

It looks like things are going to kick off next week. Check out the schedule and fees. I will try to stop by the track this afternoon and get a confirmation on this but I believe its a go!


Just got back from the velodrome and they are doing a soft opening over the holidays and will be open on December 22nd. The first "official" day will be January 5th.

If you have your own shoes and pedals you can bring them in and use them on the track bikes. A one year $25 membership and a Track Certification is necessary to ride the track. The Track Certification is FREE.

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intro to track cycling

hey Mr 303racing... You should write up a quick "intro to track cycling" blog post for all of us newbs that want to check it out but have no idea what to expect. What to bring - clothes, shoes etc.. When renting from the track, what pedals do they supply - or do you bring your own?

re: anaonymous

Tight Fitted Clothing (no lycra required, but is comfy!)
Flat soled running shoes or Clipless peadals (and your favorite clipless shoes, road or mtb. road shoes can be lighter but also require clipping in off track)
the rest is pretty obvious track bicycle, ect
and most importantly a good attitude!
cya on the track

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