Koppenberg race canceled-- AGAIN!

Damn you Mother Nature! Koppenberg Canceled!

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Even if there were mud what is the problem... will the highway department complain or is the decision being made by roadies? Maybe this should be switched to a MTB race... either way its a race, just different machine.

Good Call

Boulder got hammered with race the last two nights. Definitely can't ride up the hill when it is muddy. Would make it a silly cross style slime fest. Leave that crappy stuff for the cross racers.

Did a road ride today. Disappointing to see all the Muddy Mountain Bikes on cars coming back from the trails. It just tears up the good trails riding it the day after a rain storm. We will have plenty of dry days coming up this summer to get in some good mountain biking!

Hmmmm, the race wasn't

Hmmmm, the race wasn't outside your apartment. I rode over to the Koppenburg to see how bad it was, and while I made it up the climb without a problem (at 11:00), it was pretty greasy. My CX skills came in handy, but how many other roadies have them, and the one line I found was just that, one line. A pack going up the climb would have been impossible. I guess we wait until next year......or rogue race it......?