Website Operations Manager: Pearl iZUMi

At PEARL iZUMi, we all play an integral role in our mission to “Unlock the Power of Inspiration and Impact” in a supportive, fast-paced and productive work environment.  This is why we exist, and all team members contribute in tangible and sometimes profound ways.  If you see value in “unlocking” this potential, then PEARL iZUMi could be the place for you.  We are looking for passionate like-minded people who are fueled by an innate desire to work in an environment focused on team success.  Whether your role is to create, to sell, or to support, careers at PEARL iZUMi give you an opportunity to make a difference.

We are also laser-focused on finding the right people who share our core values – Trust, Craft, Empathy, Impact, and Plus 1.  Check out our website to see how PEARL iZUMi defines and captures these critical internal values.  To be clear, we evaluate all candidates on their demonstrated commitment to these values.

Overview of role: 

PEARL iZUMi’s Website Operations Manager is a key member of the brand’s Digital Marketing team responsible for the digital representation of PEARL iZUMi through the Brand’s website and digital tools. This individual is someone who can develop websites that balance brand experience and grow conversion. He/she is data-driven and is an exceptional planner who can successfully prioritize and deliver on multiple strategic initiatives across many stakeholders.

Job Qualifications:  
•       Bachelor’s degree
•       5+ years working with brand and ecommerce websites
•       Thorough understanding of the global web and ecommerce business and how the internet works from a technical, brand and business perspective
•       Familiarity with financials and budgeting
•       Knowledge of the PEARL iZUMi consumer categories and brand
•       Must demonstrate an understanding of internet technology including an understanding of HTML, image management for a website, design and design tools, and standard internet protocols
•       Must have experience participating in cross-functional teams and managing outside vendors
•       Experience managing high profile projects
•       Adaptable to keep up with the speed of a rapidly growing business unit
•       Must be able to travel

•       Knowledge of PEARL iZUMi’s core systems: JDE/AS400, hybris ecommerce, hybris GPCM, Oracle digital asset management system, etc.
•       Knowledge of key digital marketing tools: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.
•       Must have experience with complex data models, data mapping and integration methods
•       Microsoft Office, with strong skills in Excel

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

PEARL iZUMi, US and Brand
•       Manage development vendor
o       Manage development budget
o       Create, maintain, lead development calendar and production release schedule
•       Manage website optimizations
o       Ongoing development
o       Analytics
o       SEO and onsite search
o       A/B Testing
•       Manage onsite merchandising
o       Product merchandising for North American e-commerce and regionalized international brand sites
•       Manage direct to consumer customer service team
o       Call and email center
o       Ensure order fulfillment
o       Returns and warranty
o       Onsite reviews

PEARL iZUMi, International
•       Work with emerging international markets to implement ecommerce solutions
o       Website development:
       SOW and SO negotiation and creation
       Manage requirements gathering, development team, user testing, and site launch
o       Platform and systems training
•       Manage translation process for Brand supported international regions
•       Work with Legal to stay on top of, and understand, global digital legislation
•       Manage execution of legislation on website

PEARL iZUMi, Global Data Lead
•       Own and maintain PEARL iZUMi product data model
•       Manage and maintain product data entry for all North America and Global digital systems carrying PEARL iZUMi products
•       Manage and maintain primary digital integrations using PEARL iZUMi product data, including, but not limited to,, GPCM, GDAM and NA

NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualification associated with the job.  The successful candidate will be expected to perform all functions from administrative processing to leading change initiatives.


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