Want to Develop A Women’s Cycling Group? Louisville Cyclery Wants You!

For a couple of decades, Louisville Cyclery has been encouraging and organizing women specific rides. They are looking for someone to continue this effort. If you are a woman looking for a group to ride with this spring, there will likely be a road and gravel ride option and many other opportunities to gather with other women and share the road. More info on rides HERE

Louisville Cyclery is looking for a passionate and energetic person to organize and manage our Women’s Cycling Group and a Sales Associate in the store. This includes organizing events, social media and communications and retail sales. Louisville Cyclery was founded in 1980. 

Seasonal and full-time positions available. We are looking for individuals who have:

-Exceptional customer service 
-Willing to learn and develop your skills and knowledge of the cycling industry
-Want to be part of a team
-Motivational and positive attitude. 

To apply contact Louisville Cyclery at info@louisvillecyclery.com or 303-665-6343.

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