Wacky Bike Ride Changes Hands

recycleThe well known Douglas County based Wacky Bike Ride, started by siblings Susie & Ted Wargin is turned over to Project ReCycle.

LONE TREE, FEBRUARY 18,2016 – As avid cyclists, siblings Susie and Ted Wargin participated in many organized bicycle rides and five years ago, they decided to start their own ride, the Wacky Bike Ride. Starting in Highlands Ranch, the ride benefited the Douglas County Educational Foundation, a program for Douglas County schools. The Wacky Bike Ride grew over the last 5 years and has a loyal following of cyclists, volunteers and sponsors. After the September 2015 event, the siblings decided it was time to make some changes and has entered a 3 year agreement turning the event over to Douglas County non profit Project ReCycle.

“We are very proud to be handing over the reins of the Wacky Bike Ride to Project ReCycle. As you all know, growing an event takes time and we both find we are having less and less of that these days. We want to see the Wacky grow and have the utmost confident in AJ, Jeff and all the great folks at Project ReCycle to make that happen.” explained Susie Wargin

During the next 3 years, Susie and Ted will stay involved with the Wacky Bike Ride, working with Project ReCycle to ensure a smooth transition and the continual growth of the event.

“We are excited about the energy and resources Project ReCycle will bring to the Wacky but we are probably most excited about actually riding in our event for the first time this September.” commented Ted Wargin, “We will be riding one of the long distance routes offered and we encourage folks to come join us!”

Project ReCycle has been working with the Wacky as volunteers for the last four years, providing a solid base of knowledge about the organization and vision of the ride. The Wacky Ride provides the opportunity for registered participants to choose one of four different courses from 6 miles to 100 miles. By providing the variety of course options, the ride is accessible to cyclists of varying levels of ability from beginners to advanced.

“The Wargin’s love for cycling and support of Project ReCycle is contagious. This event will play a vital role in supporting Project ReCycle in our efforts to provide children the opportunity to earn their bicycles through our Dream Bike Program.” said Jeff Fleck, Project ReCycle Board Vice Chair.

The Wacky Ride will become the non profit’s centerpiece fundraising event each year. The organization distributes refurbished bikes, helmets, bike locks, bike lights and provides bike safety education directly to individuals and families in need and has an annual budget of $200,000.

“We are proud to be involved with the ride. We look forward to integrating the ride vision with Project ReCycle’s mission of supporting children and cycling in the state.” added A.J. Stapleton, Project ReCycle’s Executive Director

Read more about the Wacky Ride HERE.

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