Vote for Colorado Classics’ Final Three “Leading the Charge” Community Women

For the past three months people have logged commuter miles, climbed like a mountain goat, played a guessing game, and shown that the cycling stars of tomorrow are nothing short of inspiring. Now it’s time for the fifth and final competition in the #InspiredWeRide Jersey Campaign: the 2020 Virtual Yellow Jersey Winner. We asked you to nominate HERoes, and wow, did you answer! Thank you for your submissions of women in your community who are “Leading the Charge” and deserving of the Yellow Jersey. Now, we need your help in determining who is going to take that top spot on the (virtual) podium and don the Yellow Jersey! Please read more about these three finalists and cast your vote for a winner before December 18!

Randi Polidori

Randi Polidori is a force to be reckoned with! This former District Court Judge is beloved and admired by her many peers who nominated for this contest. Randi became a cyclist later in life but that didn’t stop her from making a huge impact on the sport and her community. In 1993, Randie founded the non-profit organization Eyecycle Colorado. This organization is still active today and continues to be dedicated to providing blind and visually impaired persons with the opportunity to ride on tandem bicycles with sighted captains. Vote for Randi!

Sharon Madison

Sharon, once a professional cyclist, has since dedicated her life’s work to building a community around the idea that a bike creates freedom and empowerment. In the midst of the pandemic she created We Ride 4. This non-profit and cycling club has quickly grown to 300+ members who cycle at all speeds and abilities, while raising funds to support organizations that promote fitness, health and outdoor adventure for children. She’s a fearless leader and an amazing athlete committed to supporting and improving people lives through bicycling, and has a knack for cheering on the unlikeliest of cyclists while effortlessly making the world of cycling accessible for everyone!

Vote for Sharon!

Katheryn Curi

Katheryn Curi has an impressive stat sheet from her days as a professional cyclist but it’s her role as the directeur sportif (DS) for the Amy D Foundation that really makes her standout. The mission of the Amy D Foundation is to create opportunities for women to reach lofty goals, and this is exactly what Katheryn does. She’s been credited in kick-starting the careers of countless women in the pro peloton and brings together athletes from all of the country to teach them to work together as a team. She leads the charge both on-and-off the bike; volunteering for local bike coalitions, leading community rides, contributing to Zoom conversations and giving back by cleaning roadways that cyclists enjoy in her hometown. She provides opportunity, inspiration, and has been a game changer in the lives of many female cyclists!

Vote for Katheryn!

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