Triny Willerton and IT COULD BE ME and The Story Behind the New Video

By Bill Plock

In June of 2018 we met Triny Willerton a few days after she was hit by a motorist and nearly killed. The original information from Police of how it happened were false and did not include Triny’s side of the story. Eventually the truth came out and the driver was charged. If you would like to read the whole story here is a link;

But the effect this had on Triny was astounding and led to a movement she created called “It Could Be Me.” She crusades to do everything possible to help makes roads safer for cyclists and vulnerable road users. She played an instrumental role in pushing for legislation in 2019 that greatly increased the penalties for drivers who injure or kill vulnerable road users.

Triny with her ambassadors and USAT CEO Rocky Harris

Whats impressive is her tenaciousness and energy for building a community of people who share her passion for making sure the roads are as safe as possible. She has over a 100 ambassadors spreading the cause across North America, Europe and Australia.

In her quest she discovered that part of the problem, or maybe challenge is that motorists don’t see cyclists as everyday people. They “see” them as annoyances, or a nuisance or as “those people in spandex”, almost like they aren’t human.

She decided to embark on a campaign to make sure cyclists are seen as humans and like anyone else. That they are parents, sons, daughters, co-workers, teachers, doctors, friends–just like the motorist–who needs to be respectful and mindful of them and treat them like any other human.

Triny asked people to send videos of themselves talking about who they are and why they love to ride or walk and how they are parents or whatever to remind everyone to be careful and mindful of their own safety. There are now a few thousand videos and even Governor Polis made one for the It Could Be Me Facebook page. She has gotten attention from people all over the world and continues to grow her platform.

Triny at the IRONMAN World Champoinships in Kona

We have seen her at the IRONMAN World Championships spreading her story and asking folks to share theirs. We have seen her at conventions like the Endurance Exchange (pictured above) with industry leaders like USA Triathlon CEO, Rocky Harris. Her energy and dedication is amazing–and effective.

She recently released a video to hone in on the mission, even starring Bicycle Colorado’s Executive Director Pete Piccolo!

Triny offers these bullets as to her who, what, why, when and how:

*It could be me was founded in 2019 by Triny Willerton after being hit by a careless driver and was almost killed.

*Some drivers have stopped seeing cyclists as human.

*It could be me is on a mission to change the current narrative and re-humanize cyclists and all vulnerable users of the road.

* The video was filmed in the summer of 2020 in Boulder, CO, following all COVID19 guidelines. 

*We need to look out for each other more than ever. We can, and we will make roads safer together.

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