Todd Lytle and His Heartfelt, Life Changing Thoughts at the Legacy Reception

By Todd Lytle, from Kona 2022

Editors note, Todd is a dear friend of 303 and has been trying to get to Kona for more than 30 years. He finally qualified and we knew he was over the moon excited so we asked him for a quote on what he thought and this is what he texted us….only slight grammatical changes

Dave Scott, Paula Newby Fraser, Craig Alexander, Jan Frodeno, Mark Allen, Julie Moss, Kathleen McCartney

We are on day three now and I am delaying posting day two pictures and thoughts because it was very meaningful. I listened to Andrew Messick (CEO of IRONMAN) speak at the legacy reception and his message was pretty heartfelt.  With the ultimate legacy folks such as Dave Scott, Mark Allen,  Craig Alexander, Paula Newby Newberry Fraser and Julie Moss getting ready to be introduced, he really hit home with some key messages that I’m taking with me for the rest of my time as I complete this journey. He simply said that the legacy program is here to stay, That in his mind and in everyone else’s mind within the IRONMAN organization, that we have absolutely qualified and deserve to be at the world championship for our persistence and our consistency.

Todd at the reception

When I checked in I got my qualification coin and I didn’t really know that it belong to me.  I always thought it was something you get when you qualified by time at the award ceremony or if it drops down to your number than you would get the qualifying coin, and I never thought that I would get it as a legacy qualifier.  As we checked in there they were on the table waiting for the legacy athletes and I just thought that that was just a super touch but I wondered if it was indeed accurate and so it wasn’t until the reception and then I heard Andrew Messic’s words that I knew it was not a mistake .

I’ve spent many years going through this process knowing that at some point down the road eventually I would get there even if I wasn’t considered a “real qualified athlete” and that I was just part of the legacy program. But now I am understanding with this trip to Kona and with this experience with all of the legends and the IRONMAN board that they absolutely value the work that all of us as legacy athletes have done over the course of time. That we are appreciated. We are admired and we are very deserving of a spot in the world championship and everyone with an IRONMAN backs them up and believes the same thing as everyone on that stage. It was touching .

So the first time I really felt like this was my tribe and not only was it my tribe but that I belonged, but it took me hearing those words here in Kona to understand

Todd with Kathleen McCartney

Todd with Dave Scott


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