• Latest News from Colorado Cycling and Upcoming Cycling Races

    Submitted by Bill Plock on June 8th, 2021

    Although a little later in the season than usual, the umpteenth annual Frostbite TT took place this past Sunday. Riders enjoyed the best weather ever for this event, and our medical providers reported no cases of frostbite šŸ˜‰
    Thirty different Colorado Cycling clubs were represented on the podiums during the day, with BJC, Old School Industries, and Racer X topping the leader boards with four podiums apiece. There were five clubs that got to stand on the top podium twice during the day — Rally Sport, Palmares, ALP Cycles, Racer X, and Stages.
    George Simpson (Project Echelon) set the fast time with a blistering 22:21. Julie Emmerman (Rally Sport) scorched the rest of the Pro women’s field with a 25:00. Read more

    • Letter from Editor, Bill Plock, Why I Wanted to Join BRAC.

      Submitted by Bill Plock on February 16th, 2021

      Some people may wonder why I wanted to join the BRAC board, now known as ColoradoRacing.org. After all I am not known as a bike racer or a race promoter or race director. Those have been the typical titles of most board members. I am more known, athletically at least, as a triathleteā€”hopefully professionally more known as the owner/publisher of 303Enduranceā€”which owns 303Cycling.com and 303Triathlon.com and the 303Endurance Podcast.

      So I am not your typical board member. But thatā€™s precisely why I wanted to join the team. The current board has a lot of talentā€”on and off the bike. They care about cycling first and foremost. They care about racing too. They, like me want to do everything possible to foster the best cycling culture in the country.  Read more

      • BRAC a Year in Review and What’s Ahead with President Andy Johnson

        Submitted by Bill Plock on January 5th, 2021

        303Endurance caught up with Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) President, Andy Johnson to take a look back at 2020 and all the challenges and how they will help BRAC moving forward in 2021 and beyond to benefit not only bike racing community, but the cycling community in general.  Read more

        • Karen Hornbostel Time Trial Q&A with Larry Potter after First Race

          Submitted by Bill Plock on September 11th, 2020

          On the eve of the kickoff to the NFL football season, bike racers line up in unprecedented fall weather at an unprecedented start date for the Karen Hornbostel Time Trial race originally scheduled for March. We caught up with race director and member of COBRAS, Larry Potter to see how it went. Here are some questions and answers with Larry. Read more

          • New Champions at the State Crit Championships on Sunday

            Submitted by Bill Plock on August 3rd, 2020

            t is hard to believe it is August already. That means the summer is winding down. But, we still have some action to come. This weekend we had the Masters State Criterium Championships in Golden. Let’s congratulate all of our new champions: Read more

            • Results of BRAC’s Survey and Town Hall Meeting

              Submitted by Bill Plock on May 17th, 2020

              The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) held a Zoom Town Hall Meeting last Tuesday night to review results from a member survey and provide those who tuned in an update on racing. The overall message is there is no clear path moving forward as to when we can race again. They collected 695 surveys asking members about desires to race, their concerns with safety, how their cycling behavior has changed in the last couple of months, and what types of events they were planning to rideā€”interesting that more than a third planned to do both a mountain or gravel events. Read more

              • In Case You Missed It: Velodrome Appears Saved, BRAC Board Set, CO at CX Worlds

                Submitted by Bill Plock on February 3rd, 2020

                By Bill Plock For now, the Boulder Valley Velodrome appears to be on its way to surviving and flourishing with a new partner and operational mode. Said Cari Higgins who has been leading the effort to keep the velodrome open,Read More

                • Meet the Candidates for BRAC Board, Voting This Weekend

                  Submitted by Bill Plock on January 27th, 2020

                  The 2020 Election for the BRAC Board of Directors (BOD) will take place at the annual Club Council meeting, tentatively scheduled for February 1st. Every year, five of the ten BOD positions come up for election/re-election. This year, of theRead More

                  • Cyclocross Racing, Dirt is Crushing It, Upcoming Clinic To Make More Popular

                    Submitted by Bill Plock on October 21st, 2019

                    But with more and more juniors participating in the crazy fast growing High School Mountain League, there are certainly more and more potential cross racers in that category.  Read more

                    • BRAC Women’s+ Criterium Clinic

                      Submitted by Bill Plock on July 10th, 2019

                      I admit I hadn’t raced crits until very recently and was scared to death of them, well you know what, they are are fun and with a little bit of practice and some tips like the ones you will learn in this clinic—give it a try, they will take good care of you!!  Read more