Boulder Representative Speaks Out on Stazio Crits!

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Make of this what you will.
We had worked closely with Chris Grealish for the past two years on a plan for the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department to coordinate the races. This was supposed to happen in 2008, but late in 2007, Chris decided that it would be best if he continue to run the races (knowing what the rental fee was). This decision was based on the fact that the City’s finance structure will not allow us to retain any monies generated by the races to go back specifically into cycling and Valmont City Park. By Chris running the races, any money generated can be earmarked for whatever he chooses.
I worked with him to reduce the rates to as low as we could ($910 for hosting multiple races), but he made the decision to not pursue the races this year.
We need to be consistent with our fees and charges for all facilities in the City of Boulder and need to charge a rental fee for closing down the complex. I had already turned away a 3 day tournament f or March 7,8,9 and had inquiries for all the other weekends in March, but they didn’t pursue it since I told them the Sundays were not available, leaving them with just one day (Sat) for a tournament. March and April are the heaviest tournament months as teams are gearing up for their seasons in hopes of making it to State, Regionals and Nationals.
I suggested that Chris find a place that would allow the races for free and I think he’s working toward that, but it appears there aren’t many.

Thanks for your time and your interest.

Teri Olander
Recreation Administrator
Boulder Parks and Recreation

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DBC Events – To Whom it May Concern:
Chris G.
To Whom it May Concern:
DBC Events is regrettably canceling the March Criteriums at Stazio and trying to salvage the 2 April Road Races. The City of Boulder Parks and Rec Dept has new fees for using the streets around the softball complex. Each week they wanted us to pay $1150 in rent for the softball fields that we race around. The City of Boulder claims that they lose revenue by not being able to rent the fields when we are racing our bikes out there in March. Typically the money raised from Stazio allows us to pay for the road races in April.
We are trying to salvage the April 20 road race in Superior by handing it off to another group ( yours ? ) .
Boulder Roubaix is rescheduled for August 16th.
We regret any problems our decision has caused the racing community,
Chris Grealish DBC Events

Chris Grealish
1722 14th st #105
Boulder CO 80302

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