Some Fall Fun with the Roll Massif Challenge

A few weeks ago I rode part of the Roll Massif Crooked Gravel route in Winter Park to see some spectacular fall colors. Now I want to do this event next year assuming it happens. Amazing scenery.

But for now, the miles I logged can be applied to a challenge they have going on during the month of October.

The concept is simple: Ride the total distance of all eight of their events (Wild Horse Gravel, Elephant Rock, Sunrise to Sunset, Copper Triangle, Crooked Gravel, Tour De Vineyards, Tour of the Moon). Enter to win prizes, get swag, and support charities, many of which the founders of Roll Massif have supported for years and years before the brand existed. And do your rides in beautiful places!

This year we’ve seen a number of events pivot to virtual options. For the Roll Massif Challenge, there is no official timing, and you can make up your own routes, including virtual riding.

You up for the challenge? Total distance is either 353 or 484 miles. You can join us by registering here. You can use coupon code 303cycling for 20% off.

Why 353 or 484 miles? 353 is the total miles of all the event’s short routes combined.  484 miles is the total distance for all event’s long courses combined.

Copper Triangle: 79-miles
Crooked Gravel: 65 or 93-miles
Wild Horse Gravel: 45 or 90-Miles 
Tour de Vineyards: 23 or 58-miles 
Tour of the Moon: 41 or 64-miles
Elephant Rock: 100-miles 

Short Course Total = 353-miles
Long Course Total = 484-miles

You have till Oct 31 to complete it.  All results must be submitted by Nov 1 at midnight MST. 

We’ll re-share all the fun ways you guys are accomplishing the challenge through our social network as well as share our own attempts at this challenge too!

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