The Road to Kona Through Boulder: Intro to Amateur Amy

The Road to Kona through Boulder – Introduction to Featured Amateur, Amy Mosser Romero
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By Bill Plock


Choosing an athlete for the opportunity to meet Mirinda Carfrae and learn a little while she is gunning for her 4th consecutive Ironman Championship was not an easy choice for us at Our criteria was simple, the person had to have qualified for Kona and live in Colorado. After that everything was subjective. Any athlete qualifying for Kona has had to give up something, worked hard, balanced life and had ups and downs.
What we hope for is that choosing Amy Mosser Romero brings to light that good ol’ Midwestern girl who sort of stumbled into triathlons and it was love at first sight. I think when you read this three part interview series you will come away feeling like competing in one of the most elite races in the world is doable for everyone. And maybe that is what drives so much of the frenzy around Ironman and why their brand is so strong. It does give most of us hope, that if we choose to, we too may have a shot. Not everyone has the time or talent. Amy, like any Kona qualifier, is talented … but more, the planets lined up this year, she made it possible, has awesome support and did the work.
Enjoy Amy’s answers to some questions about how she got into triathlons, and thoughts on racing and Kona.
Where did you grow up? Favorite teams, favorite sports. What did you play in high school and/or college?

I grew up in Omaha, NE. Favorite teams are the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Broncos. I really enjoy football, I ran track and was on swim team in high school. I ran cross-country, indoor and outdoor track my first 2 years of college.

When was your first triathlon and why did you get into to it?

My first triathlon was Tri for the Cure in 2010. I grew up running and swimming and had always been curious about triathlons but hadn’t raced competitively since 1992 in college. Around Christmas 2009, a friend and I decided over wine to sign up for the Colfax half marathon.


I had such a great time training for the half marathon, I thought what the heck let’s try training for a triathlon and signed up for Tri for the Cure. Since it’s an all women’s race for charity, it seemed a bit less intimidating. I borrowed a bike from a friend and started training. After Tri for the Cure was over, I went home and looked for another race to sign up for. I was hooked.

What is your favorite part of about training? least?

Favorite parts – my training partners, the camaraderie, being outside, the feeling of accomplishment after a long, tough workout, meeting new people.
Least favorite – snowy, icy weekend days which mean long treadmill runs and/or trainer rides. I find them mind numbingly boring.

Favorite parts about racing? Least?

I’m competitive so I love racing and I love everything about it. My least favorite part might be how quickly the race/day goes by.

Biggest triathlon triumphs

-Training and racing Tri for the Cure last year with my sister, a breast cancer survivor.
-Overcoming multiple injuries last year, then a cancelled race and still having a great race in Chattanooga.
-Qualifying for Kona

To qualify for Kona means lots of hard work and discipline. What have you sacrificed or put off to get there (promotions, work projects, other work, other sports, vacations? any regrets? Anything you would do different?

Yard work! Our backyard is seriously a mess. We’ve got some weeds almost as tall as me!
I’ve switched jobs several times in the last 3 years trying to find a job that requires less travel, less stress, etc. to allow for a better work/life balance around training. It took some time and searching but I’ve finally found the right job that gives me a good balance. When I left my company of 15 years in 2012, I had some “what if” questions but it was the right decision. No regrets!
My husband and I didn’t take a vacation this year. We were planning to go to Cabo this fall but I kept putting off booking it. In the back of my mind, I really hoped I would qualify for Kona and that would be our trip. Good thing that paid off!

Is or was Kona your ultimate goal and how will qualifying affect your racing next year?

Kona was my ultimate goal. Honestly I didn’t know if I’d ever make it. There are so many factors with Ironman racing, i.e. getting to the start line healthy, race day conditions, who else is competing, etc. You just never know what the day will bring and anything can happen.
Since I qualified and will be doing 2 Ironman races this year, I promised my husband I would take next year off from Ironman. I’ll still race short course to work more on speed and maintain fitness. Age group nationals are being held in my hometown next year and that’s always been on my wish list of races to do.
There’s also all that yard work we could do next year!

What are most excited about in considering this promotion?

I’m so honored to have been selected for this. We live in a community with so many talented and amazing people. Just being selected was exciting! I can’t wait to see how Rinny does on race day and hopefully I’ll get to see her again after the race to hear her thoughts on the day. I love reliving race day with fellow athletes.

A fun question to preview more about Amy……
Red wine or white? Dark or milk chocolate? Shimano or SRAM, Zipp? Visor or hat… Stay tuned for Part II!

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