Proposed Law Would Change Rules for Cyclists

UPDATE: Mon Jan 30, 2017

Read more about this proposed legislature that would change the treatment of stop signs and red lights by cyclists through out the state of Colorado and register your support here.




KUSA – A Colorado lawmaker wants to change the laws governing the types of stops cyclists must make at stop signs and traffic lights.  State Sen. Andy Kerr (D-22), an avid cyclist himself, is sponsoring the bill. He rides his bike most days from Lakewood to the state Capitol.  The proposed bill would allow cyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs. Cyclists would also be allowed to stop and then go through traffic lights.
“[Cyclists] make a complete stop and then can proceed when it’s safe,” Kerr said. “Again, it’s not taking the right of way from anyone. ”


It’s not uncommon to see cyclists not making complete stops. Kerr explained why.


“Momentum is a big thing when you’re riding a bike,” Kerr said. “If you’re going through a neighborhood with a lot of stop signs, you don’t gain any momentum and you certainly can’t keep it.”


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One thought on “Proposed Law Would Change Rules for Cyclists

  1. While I agree with the law, I think the congressman’s logic is extremely flawed. Drivers don’t give a damn about our momentum, saying that it will keep cyclists moving and therefor speed up traffic would be the better angle to take IMO. Also, lights often won’t change for cyclists, which I also believe is a stronger argument than what I’ve been hearing from some of the more vocal supporters of the new law.

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