Travel Like You Train for Your Races this Year

By Bill Plock
Racing is stressful and we as triathletes spend an enormous amount of time, energy and money minimizing stresses whether they are the stress of trying to go faster or finish, nourish ourselves or mentally prepare or maybe relieve other stresses by competing. Traveling for a race or camp adds stress and to minimize it can help you feel much more relaxed when you arrive at your venue. Shipping a bike ahead of time rather than transporting it on the plane can be well be worth the investment.
To show up at race check in and have your bike waiting for you ready to ride can be a big mental advantage as there as so many other tasks at hand to race.

Locally, we have Pro Bike Express, owned and operated by Wesley Smith who will pick up your bike from a variety of locations and have it waiting for you at your destination. This is not a unique service, but Wesley is a racer, a Coloradoan and is meticulous with his client’s bikes and needs. Being so ingrained in the community, he knows it’s a small world so he does everything possible to make your experience good.
As Wesley says, “plan your logistics and travel like you do your training”.
Pro Bike Express transports your bike and your race gear for Triathlon, Road, Cyclocross and Mountain Bike races and events.
Here are a few tips from Wes to consider as you begin line up your season:
• If you do travel by plane with your bike, TSA will most likely open the box/bag, make sure things are secure and won’t fall out, especially something critical like pedals or other parts you have removed, you might consider putting those in personal luggage
• Some cabs or rentals won’t accommodate bikes, make sure that is considered and allow for extra costs.
• Storage in hotels can be tight; PBE will store your bike and gear for you.
• Have a plan for your bike and gear for after the race, some services will meet you near the finish.
You can contact him directly anytime for any help with traveling and your bike.
Phone 720 878 2088
Want to learn more about where we are going with supporting Colorado and Utah, click here

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