Outdoor Magazine Editor, Author and Cyclist Andrew Tilin Dies in Collision While on Group Ride

Well known not only for his books and contributions to Outside Magazine, former Boulder resident Andrew Tilin was also highly regarded in the cycling community for offering himself up as a “human guinea pig,” taking testosterone and racing to raise awareness of doping in amateur cycling.

According to Facebook posts by Tilin’s siblings:

This morning, while changing a bike tire on the side of the road in his current home of Austin, TX, Andrew was struck by a car and pronounced dead a short time ago. So many family and friends love my brother as I do and will miss him horribly. I will continue to update on my page. My first thought is to have a service in San Francisco, as well as one obviously in Austin. I’m sure there will be something in Austin as well. I just can’t think clearly beyond this post.

From Outside Online
Tilin was a longtime Outside contributor and the author of The Doper Next Door

Andrew Tilin, a former Outside editor, a longtime contributor, and a close friend to many people affiliated with the magazine, has been killed in a traffic-related accident that occurred early on the morning of February 17 in Austin, Texas… According to McKendall, Tilin was on a group bike ride when he had a flat tire and pulled off the road to fix it. Conditions were misty and foggy, and a passing vehicle skidded on slick pavement, striking a second vehicle that then struck Tilin…

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