Review of Seasons, the movie

What a night in Boulder! Last night’s showing at the Boulder Theater of Seasons was amazing, and not so much because of the movie! It always amazes me to see the large amount of folks who come out to attend these events, just one look outside the theater and you would see bikes piled on bikes or stacked next to anything lockable, HUNDREDS! The demographics were all over the spectrum too, hard to find a familiar face but I finally did see the every present Greg Keller.

OK, back to the show. There was lots of talking by Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance about mission and work they will be doing in 08 and 09, like 5 new single track trails leaving from Boulder and the soon-to-be, Heil, Hall, Lyons connector trail! They also gave out free stuff with the help of the Boulder Devos and 3 dudes did a pretty cool trails presentation. Then more talk, bla bla, two short films, one about a crazy guy who rides is 29’er fixie everywhere and another about a dude who rides a cruiser with no lid and does some cool MTB’ing. Then more talk (enough already!) and finally the Movie, Seasons. The movie follows 7 riders through the 4 seasons, the riders, all mountain bike riders, but of different types, downhill, trick, insanity, etc. The movie was “rad” I give it a 4 star if you are into that kind of bike riding, however I found it hard to relate because it really hits home how much mountain biking has changed since the 90’s, its a totally different sport for better or worse. Here they race for 4 -5 minutes instead of the 2 hour efforts done back in the day… maybe cross country racing just isn’t spectacular enough for the big screen.

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