Meet the Candidates for BRAC Board, Voting This Weekend

The 2020 Election for the BRAC Board of Directors (BOD) will take place at the annual Club Council meeting, tentatively scheduled for February 1st. Every year, five of the ten BOD positions come up for election/re-election. This year, of the five directors whose terms are expiring, four of them are not seeking re-election.

Says Executive Director, Shawn Farrell, “This is a very strong list of candidates, and BRAC is very fortunate. It is always difficult to potentially lose five directors every year, and this certainly is a big one given that we are at least losing four. However with so many excellent candidates, I know BRAC will be in good hands no matter how the election plays out.”

We have highlighted the candidates and have included a copy of their personal statements as to why they want to be on the board.

Kim Nordquist — RacerX/ColoBike Law (new candidate, former BOD member)

With the ever-changing landscape of bike racing, it is my goal to help our local association navigate this challenging course and to improve Colorado racing in general, and for women in particular. With my hands-on connection to the race community, I believe that I can add value and insight to the BRAC board of directors. Since 2016, I have been the Race Director for the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb. This year I added the Triple Bypass, and for 2020, I will add a new criterium, in the Denver Tech Center, to my growing list of events I produce. I love working with the talented crew that supports my events. The expertise of my race officials, crew and volunteers ensure that we produce fantastic and sustainable events. I truly believe that you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and I am grateful to have many amazing people in my life.

My experience in the Colorado racing community has helped me grow on a personal level and I am grateful for all of the wonderful people I have met and the experiences we have shared. It inspires me daily, to be amongst such passionate athletes, race officials, medics, photographers and all of those who support our Colorado cycling community. We have something very special and unique in Colorado and I am thankful to be a part of it, and to contribute to the growth and enthusiasm of cycling.

Jon Tarkington — Stages Cycling (new candidate, former BRAC Executive Director, former BOD member)

My name is Jon Tarkington and I’ve been floating around the Colorado racing community for roughly 30 years. A few highlights:

  • BRAC Junior Team 1993 (or 94?)
  • CU Cycling Team 95-99
  • ACA/BRAC Board of Directors 2004-2008
  • BRAC Executive Director 2009-2011
  • RMCCC Board of Directors 2017-presentA few work related highlights:
  • Started the first ever Durango Cyclocross Series – 1999
  • Teton Consulting- Coaching and Event consulting – 2001 to present

o Numerous National Champions, Including USPRO Road Champion 2012 o Contractor For Medalist Sports 2016-2018
o Various Roles with CO Classic 2017-2019

I’m lucky to have been able to watch and be a part of BRAC from a young age. The organization has had its challenges historically and the current state of affairs is no exception. I’ve watched cycling change significantly over the years but nothing has been as shocking as the changes in road cycling over the past 5 years. The business of cycling in the US is changing very rapidly and with those changes are tests of organizations like USAC and BRAC. It is my hope that my experience and perspective on the sport at multiple levels will be valuable to the organization as the racing community continues to navigate a changing landscape.

Troy Reynolds — Reynolds Roofing (new candidate, former BOD member)

I am Troy Reynolds of Reynolds Roofing and Reynolds Racing. I have been a passionate staple in the cycling community since 1994. I feel that I can add value to the board with the experience I have garnered with 20 plus years of racing, and 2 previous years on BRAC as a board member.

I will aim to be the mouth piece and ears for the racers to the Board, USAC, Race Promoters, and other Racers with the aim of making us all more unified as we fulfill our dreams in cycling together.

Cycling in Colorado has been on a downward turn for the past several years, and I believe I have a plan that should change that by adding competition value to all racers, teams, and race promoters.

With that in mind I ask that you consider voting for me Troy Reynolds. Thanks

Larry Potter — COBRAS Cycling (new candidate)

Cycling has been my passion for the past 35 years of my adult life. As a member of the COBRAS, I have become very involved in the time trial series at Cherry Creek State Park, the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial, managing and planning the seven week series, writing the weekly newsletters, handling registration, assigning the dozens of volunteers, interfacing with park management and our various partners, and handling all of the financial duties.

Since the KHMTT is a fund raiser for BRAC, I have had the privilege of working with and supporting BRAC for the past several years. I have a working relationship with Shawn and Yvonne as well as several individuals at USAC.

I have an extensive background in information technology,
web development and software development. I currently
work part time for a major software company as a subject matter expert in cloud computing security.

If you have ever used the website to register, check your start time or accumulated points, you have seen my work. I developed the KHMTT and the COBRAS websites, as well as several other commercial sites.

I am a strong believer in and have a history of creating programs to bring more participation to the sport of bicycle racing. This has included encouraging casual cyclists to try racing, assisting junior clubs, working with physically challenged cyclists and encouraging athletes currently in other disciplines such as triathletes to participate in USAC/BRAC racing events.

I strongly support the mission of BRAC, and I know my strong IT and business background, coupled with my desire to help support BRAC through the challenges it currently faces would make me an ideal board member.

Mike Miller — Basil Docs Pizza 

Hello, my name is Mike Miller and I am the owner, operator & visionary of the Basil Doc’s Pizza (BDP) restaurant group. Some of you ‘older’ members of BRAC (ACA) might also remember me as the owner/operator of the HandleBar & Grill – ‘we ain’t no chain’, from 1996 to 2006 (Alameda & Downing, Denver).

I am seeking your vote for the 2020 BRAC BOD not because of some new found passion for the cycling community but from a long standing relationship with BRAC. This passion for Colorado cycling dates back to the original Big Wheel Bike Shop (ask Yvonne van Gent). I was introduced to the Big Wheel Bike Shop in the mid 70’s when I was an undergraduate at Denver University. In 1999, by design, the BDP Crestmoor location opened their doors in the location once occupied by the Big Wheel Bike shop – A very calculated business decision with absolutely zero regrets.

I have been a long time supporter, sponsor & partner of BRAC. Currently, I consider myself to be on the BRAC “Board of Supporters”. Now is time for me to transition to the BRAC Board of Directors. This process is simply not going to happen without your vote.

I am not an active competitor in the BRAC road, track, or CX – truth be told, I compete in MTB events. I (BDP) have been and will continue to be an active supporter of BRAC – their efforts & events. This relationship dates back to 1996 – the original Cherry Creek Time Trial series (the original course), has progressed through the Bob Cook Hill Climb & ‘too many events to mention’… right up to the current … with the December 14, 2019 Erie Elves 5K run.

I simply cannot & will not sit on the sidelines and spectate the current trajectory (financially and events) of the BRAC / USAC relationship. I am 64 years old and I still have significant gas in the tank that will not allow me to stand idly by and not think outside the box. Consequently, I am asking for your vote – seeking a position on the BRAC 2020 BOD.

I have been an active and passionate mouth piece for BRAC over the past 23 years+: now is the time to come full circle. Some of the components in my “passion equation” are: I have owned and operated my own (HBandG) races series (Spirit of the Rockies and Mountain States Cup), I sponsored the HandleBar & Grill cycling team (+10 years), I have sponsored & supported numerous cycling events over the past 23 years (USAC & BRAC). At the end of day “I know a thing or two, because I have seen a thing or two.” I look forward to speaking with the BRAC members on Saturday, February 1 at the Club Council meeting. Thanks for your consideration.

Melissa Langworthy — Palmares Racing (new candidate)

I am running for office with the intention to keep the momentum alive for the Women’s+ Racing Initiative.

I am fairly new to cycling community and join this awesome collection of riders with an experienced triathlon background (but not the typical triathlete attitude!). I bring a fresh perspective, website experience, positive attitude, and endless optimism with me as I grow as an athlete in the cycling community. My first cycling-only adventure was with the KHMTT series in 2017. I signed up as a racer and also volunteered for the entire series. From my first pre-time trial race orientation ride with COBRAS, I found the attitude of the Colorado cycling community welcoming, vibrant, considerate, and energetic.

I want to help women across Colorado – from our juniors to our masters – maintain a healthy lifestyle that combines fitness, family, and friendly competition. I would work diligently to maintain the spirit I felt at my first cycling event within the community while I take on new challenges to enrich our women’s+ cyclist.

Joe Lewis — BJC (new candidate)

Hi, I’m Joe Lewis. Originally from Australia, I came to the US to pursue my dream of being a professional cyclist and fell in love with the front range. I joined cycling as a teenager in 2003, and since then have been involved with clubs, teams and organizations of all levels, in various countries. After capping my professional road cycling career by taking the sprint leader’s jersey at the Colorado Classic in 2018, I became a coach and started working with Boulder Junior Cycling. I still race for Team Clif Bar, and remain active in the road and CX scenes.

During my time at BJC, I have:

  • ●  Been made head coach and program manager for our road racing and strength & conditioning programs.
  • ●  Headed up BJC’s track program, which introduced 50 junior athletes to track cycling and had 13 of them race in the State Championships.
  • ●  Contributed to the design of an Athlete Wellness Policy and implemented Safe Sport programs as part of BJC’s athlete wellness committee.
  • ●  Helped organize initiatives like an all-girls practice to encourage more women to ride and help close the gender gap in cycling.
  • ●  Assisted in creating and implementing our loaner bike program, which allowed 6 new high school MTB athletes to race CX. Two of these juniors made it onto the podium at Nationals, and one is going to Worlds.

As a board member…

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in just a year since retiring from professional cycling, and I’ll keep using my experience to secure the future of this sport, in Colorado as well as in other communities. Among other things, I want to see cycling become a go-to sport for kids, and I want it to become a more welcoming and fair sport for female athletes.

As a coach, I work with riders from various backgrounds as well as different cycling disciplines every day, which would allow me to guide the board’s decisions in a way that meets the ever-changing needs of our greater community. With your vote, I can use my unique experience and perspective to help create a healthy future for our sport here in Colorado.

Glen Winkel — Old School Industries (new candidate)

I am running for one of the Board of Director positions on BRAC for many reasons. Most importantly, I have been racing bikes for over 40 years as an athlete and coach, and would like to bring much of my experience and knowledge to help our local organization to serve and support you the athlete! In the past, I have served on the board of the CVA (Colorado Velodrome Assn), so I am familiar with organizing, planning and supporting local athletes at the OTC Velodrome. Back when the ACA was not part of USA Cycling, I worked together with the Tysons and then USAC President, Steve Johnson, to bring ACA (now BRAC) back under USA Cycling.

It’s ironic that USA Cycling is once again threatening to disrupt the local organizations and I plan to work to help grow and expand bicycle racing locally, and continue to strengthen one of the most successful and well-run local bike racing support organizations in the US.

BRAC candidate statement BOD 2020 election

I have been racing bikes since 1981 and it’s been a passion of mine since Tony Tom at a Bicycle Odyssey in Sausalito, CA introduced me to bike racing. In fact, I can say it has dramatically changed my life in many positive ways. It only took another individual with a passion for the sport to change my life with a bicycle. I have always been a supporter and advocate for bike riding and racing as a means to stay fit and have fun in a healthy way. When I visited Colorado to race the 1982 Coors Classic, I fell in love with the front range. But it wasn’t until 2002, that I finally decided I wanted to live in this beautiful state and get to race my bike in the wonderful landscape that is Colorado. Bicycle racing has undergone many changes in the past 40 years. But my love of this sport has remained unchanged, and I hope we can together keep the passion that is bicycle racing a vibrant part of the Colorado landscape.

As a competitive cyclist, I have been very successful racing with the US Postal Masters team for over 12 years. With the help and support of many coaches, I have been privileged to win 8 world and 30 national championships. In giving back to the sport I have coached many Olympic, Paralympic, Special Olympic, Collegiate, youth, master and weekend warriors to achieve better results and to have fun with our sport. I believe that a bicycle should be a part of everyone’s life whether for competition, healthy workout or transportation and I hope you will give me the opportunity to support local bike racing as a member of the board of BRAC.

Michael McGuinn — (Current President of BRAC)

I have enjoyed serving on the BRAC Board of Directors for the past 4 years, most recently as President. During my time on the board I have been vocal about the need for BRAC to evolve with our sport and to make changes that will continue to serve our current members along as well as find new members. During the last few years I have pushed for betterpreparedness for “titanic” type events, acted as a watch dog on the budget, supported gender parity, kept an eye on BRAC non-profit status.

Bicycle racing is going through some significant changes. Currently USA Cycling is introducing significant changes to its Local Association program. Mountain biking is flourishing through high school mountain bike leagues across the country. Gravel riding and racing is taking off at a wild pace. At the same time traditional/structured road racing has been declining for years and cross racing is starting to have a drop from its peak participation. There is plenty of work/support to give to traditional racing scene while developing our place in gravel and other emerging cycle sports.

In the past 7 years I have averaged 35 BRAC races as a race official along with quite a few national and professional races. I have participated in a few races here and there, but all my riding is shepherding two daughters under 10 years old (with a burly trailer).

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