Meet Lee Alteimer and His Why, with Buffalo Bicycle Classic

About year ago Lee Alteimer crashed on his bike descending Sunshine Canyon. To this day he doesn’t remember how he crashed or why. Maybe a deer hit him? A car? A tire blow out? All he knows is he lost a few weeks of his life, and spent a long time in a hospital, including rehab at Craig Hospital–and he feels ever so lucky to even be able to share his story.

An avid cyclist and a fan of the Buffalo Bicycle Classic (BBC), he vowed to get back on his bike and vowed to find a way to give back. As a long time educator, Lee believes in the investment in kids and their education. The BBC has made college possible for many students. Since 2003 they have raised a whooping 3.6 million dollars and awarded 1,400 scholarships! Buffalo Classic Director Paul Beale says, “Even though all of our scholars graduated from high school a 4.0 GPA, because of family financial constraints many would not have been able to attend college without the support of our riders, donors, and sponsors.”

He mostly rides in his basement on a stationary bike listening to classic rock on vintage vinyl. Cream, Buffalo Springfield and a big collection keep him company as he rides a little each day as part of the recovery process.

Paul Beale says of Lee, “Seeing the excitement and happiness in Lee’s face riding his vintage vintage Eddy Merckx racing bike on his trainer while listening to Buffalo Springfield, while his family and friends cheering him on a ringing bells on the the first mile of his fundraiser was thrilling!”

Here is an excerpt from his fund raising page: If you want to donate, go HERE

 I have been an avid cyclist for most of my life, but Last summer I suffered a spinal cord injury, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, broken collar bone, and a traumatic brain injury from a bicycle accident in Boulder.
My road cycling days are over. However, I can still participate in the 2019 Buffalo Bicycle Classic bike ride for CU scholarships.
I plan to ride 100 miles over the course of 14 weeks on a stationery bike in my basement. Due to my injuries I will be riding 6 to 10 miles per week.
By taking this approach, I can still remain active in cycling, continue to rehab from my injuries, help deserving CU students, and challenge other disabled or limited cyclists achieve their goals.
Please donate to Lee’s Spin Challenge to help me support the BBC Scholarship fund.
Stay tuned for updates on my progress.
Thanks for your help
Lee Altheimer

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