Letter From Colorado High School Cycling League on Upcoming Season–Season of Solidarity

Dear Colorado League Community,

The Colorado League Board of Directors and staff have met regularly to evaluate the COVID-19 trends across the country and region and the impacts on the format of the 2020 Fall Season. The health and safety of our riders, families, staff, volunteers, partners, and host communities is our number one priority. With this unwavering focus, it is clear that a viable race season is not possible or responsible. A 12-week program of “Singletrack Solidarity” challenges and contests including several traditional acknowledgments is planned. These will reinforce our mission of empowering youth to foster healthy habits, maintain positive social connections, build community, and instill championship characteristics on and off the bike. See below for more information on the program.
Know that during the past 4 months, we have explored numerous options. We remained cautiously optimistic about a variety of formats that would reduce risks associated with the spread of COVID-19. After a thorough assessment of the possible scenarios, it is apparent that the social and financial costs to produce quality events that embody our mission significantly outweigh the benefits.
Like you, Board members are volunteers that represent diverse regions throughout the state and are parents of riders, coaches, and financial supporters of the Colorado League. Combined we have several decades of involvement with the League. We bring a breadth of relevant professional experience from fields including medical, legal, event production, finance, and business. We all share the belief that interscholastic mountain biking is an effective model for positive youth development.We look forward to the day when we will again, share the thrill of mountain biking, and experience the joy, pain, and camaraderie of respectful competition with your fellow racers from across our states. Thank you for respecting this decision and we wish you continued good health and safety. Antonio Gallegos, President, and Your Colorado League Board of Directors
Director’s Note We remain committed to facilitating a gratifying League experience this Fall. The 12 weeks of “Singletrack Solidarity” virtual challenges and contests will allow teams and individuals to be ranked, scored, and celebrated for their efforts. Our team will certainly miss seeing all of you playing in the dirt!
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Some bright lights include:▪Cycling popularity continues to increase▪New teams are joining the dirt revolution▪Your successes to establish welcoming teams▪Sponsors and donors continue to invest in the missionKeeping teams together and active is more vital than ever. Youth need the joy of socializing responsibly and the opportunity to thrive with the support of a team of healthy peers while engaging in the transformative activity of cycling.I strongly encourage teams to participate in the season of Singletrack Solidarity. Skipping a season will disappoint riders and might lead them to find other options for connection. Make every effort to avoid them from drifting away.
Embrace strengthening the team culture that provides a platform for youth to shine. This year will be different, and it will be FUN!We will celebrate what we have now, prioritize community connections, and uplift others. Together we are better!Yours in healthy and cycling, 
Kate Rau 
Executive Director
Singletrack Solidarity Plan
There is a variety of challenges and contests scheduled starting in August. The annual $75 membership fee allows you to participate in the fun, engaging season of “Singletrack Solidarity” and team rides.All registered riders will receive number plates to commemorate their participation in 2020. Those who register by August 3rd will receive personalized number plates.Registration will be open throughout the season.
NEW challenges that allows teams and individuals to be scored and ranked include:▪Challenge #1: “Let’s Go Places” – Rack up the Rides▪Challenge #2: “Let’s Go Places” – Mountain Goat Madness▪Challenge #3: “Let’s Go Places” – Massive Mileage▪Challenge #4: “Let’s Go Places”- Sensational Skills▪Challenge #5: “Let’s Go Places”- Hill Climb Time TrialA variety of contests where riders can share their creative talents will occur on non-challenge weekends.
Traditional Season/Weekend AwardsTeam:▪Spirit Contests▪Golden Pick AwardIndividual:▪Toyota Slingshot▪Yeti Skills▪Legacy Rider eligibility
A PowerPoint presentation with an outline of the season and an overview of each competition and contest is below.Specific rules of each contest may change after further review by the Colorado League rules committee. The final rules will be published and distributed by August 1. Details for each challenge and contest and competition will also be posted on the website.
2020 Season of Singletrack Solidarity 
We think the variety of activities maintains methods to:▪Motivate individuals and teams to reach specific goals that are fun▪Foster improvement throughout the season▪Compete with their peers and see their results▪Develop a variety of skills on and off the bike▪Continue to establish healthy relationships with peers and Coach mentors▪Work on trails▪Sustain the inherent positive values by participating in a lifelong outdoor sport as a team

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