Headsweats Reinforces Cycling Safety Awareness Together with the It Could Be Me Campaign

BOULDER, Colo. (Jan. 7, 2020) – Headsweats, the leader in high performance apparel and headwear, has teamed up with Boulder local Triny Willerton and her “It Could Be Me” campaign to raise awareness for road safety. After experiencing a horrible road cycling crash involving a motorist driving a truck in 2018, Willerton founded the movement in hopes of changing drivers’ perceptions and rehumanizing cyclists and all vulnerable road users.

“Triny’s message hits close to home for all of us at Headsweats not only because we’re cyclists and runners using the same roads throughout Boulder, but also because we share Triny’s passion to increase road safety for everyone,” said Mike McQueeney, President of Headsweats. “We know our work together will drive awareness and support to further her critical message and create more empathy for cyclists and all vulnerable users of the road.”

During the two-year partnership, 20 percent of all online proceeds from Headsweats’ exclusive “It Could Be Me” headwear line will be donated to the campaign. Triny’s long-term impact plan to transform how people perceive vulnerable users of the road is threefold: executing an education platform, instigating policy change, and inviting vulnerable users of the road to share personal videos urging motorists to be mindful of their safety.

“I am grateful to join forces with a local company that has the same vision and passion to create safer roads for everyone,” said Willerton. “The message we aim to articulate on behalf of cyclists and all vulnerable users of the road can now be amplified by our partnership with Headsweats and I’m thrilled to see how we can work together to prevent crashes in the future.”

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