Triple Bypass, more than just a ride…

Local supports local as Team Evergreen gives back to Bicycle Colorado, other nonprofit organizations

Team Evergreen is behind both the Bob Cook Memorial Mount Evans Hill Climb and the Triple Bypass—Colorado’s longest-running bike ride—but they do much more than bring bicyclists together for an epic day in the saddle. They make bike riding safer by supporting local advocacy groups like Bicycle Colorado.

Team Evergreen and the Triple Bypass are dedicated to making your rides safer, and they’ve designated Bicycle Colorado as their primary beneficiary in 2019. You benefit from their support of bike advocacy on each of your rides! Team Evergreen has given $20,000 in support of better bicycling across the state in just the last six months.

“Team Evergreen knows that cycling advocacy takes a lot of hard (and not necessarily glamorous) work and we fully support the efforts of Bicycle Colorado,” said Jen Barbour, executive director of Team Evergreen. “They know the legislative process and can always be relied upon to represent the best interest of riders throughout the state. We are lucky to have such a great organization represent us and we encourage cyclists of all disciplines to contribute to Bicycle Colorado.”

Team Evergreen’s generosity goes a long way in making Bicycle Colorado’s work possible. With their support and the support of Bicycle Colorado members, the advocacy group continues to:

  • Work toward bike-friendly policies at the State Capitol and in local communities
  • Offer Bicycle-Friendly Driver courses across the state to make our roads safer
  • Teach youth and adults how to ride
  • Bring thought leaders together to advance bike-friendly plans and get more infrastructure on the ground
  • And much more

Their support of Bicycle Colorado is longstanding, too. Since 2013 they’ve donated more than $50,000 to Bicycle Colorado alone, and they’ve been able to contribute more each year to advocacy organizations due to the Triple Bypass’ continued success. All proceeds from the ride are donated to advocacy organizations and other nonprofits, and Team Evergreen has donated more than $2.6 million to a variety of nonprofit organizations to date.

This year’s Triple Bypass takes place July 13 and marks the 31st edition of the ride. Members of Bicycle Colorado receive 10% off the price of registration, and Team Evergreen hopes Triple Bypass riders will put that savings toward an additional donation to their statewide bicycle advocacy group.

Bicycle Colorado envisions a Colorado where riding a bicycle is always safe and convenient for everyone, where bicycling is the top choice for recreation and every day trips, and where the benefits of bicycling are experienced and valued by all people in our state.

How can you get involved with Bicycle Colorado and Team Evergreen? Two ways:

Become a member of Bicycle Colorado today to help make that vision a reality, and you’ll get a discount code Triple Bypass registration in the process!

Join members of the Bicycle Colorado staff on the first Team Evergreen Triple Bypass training ride of the season—for free! You can learn more about the Triple Bypass and Team Evergreen and ride with Bicycle Colorado staff on Sunday, March 17. See you there!

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